Avishai COHEN



1. Nu Nu 5'14
(Avishai Cohen)
2. Elli 3'58
(Avishai Cohen)
3. One For Mark 4'58
(Avishai Cohen)
4. Ani Maamin 5'16
(Avishai Cohen)
5. Samuel 5'16
(Avishai Cohen)
6. Emotional Storm 7'31
(Avishai Cohen)
7. Calm 3'16
(Avishai Cohen)
8. Arava 5'21
(Avishai Cohen)
9. Smash 5'31
(Avishai Cohen)
10. Continuo 4'11
(Avishai Cohen)

Total Time: 50:32

  • Avishai Cohen - Bass, Electric 6-String Marco Bass (10), Hand Claps (10)
  • Sam Barsh - Piano, Hand Claps (10)
  • Mark Guiliana - Drums, Hand Claps (10)
  • Amos Hoffman - Oud (3, 6, 10), Hand Claps (10)

    Produced by Ray Jefford
    Assosiate Producer: Arher Ray Bitansky
    Sound Engineer: Lars Nilsson
    Assistant Engineer: Bo Savik
    Art Design: Michal Katz
    Photography: Daniel Kedem

    All Compositions Written and Arranged by Avishai Cohen
    Published by
    Except Track 4 "Ani Maamin" Composed by Tuvia Shionsky

    All Tracks was Recorded and Mixed by Lars Nilsson
    10-17 December 2005 at

    During the last two and a half years the trio has played many concerts and has become a very tight unit. Looking back at the time we have spent together playing and living on the road helps to confirm the magic of a working band, which in this music, is stronger than any concept.
    I'm very grateful to have two young masters of their instruments with me to convey that; young in their ever- thirsty minds for more information, and old enough in their souls to emotionally express themselves on a very high level through the compositions. Sam and Mark's importance to the music is enormous; they are like an extension of my voice, and therefore helped create the perfect platform for the new music.
    A lot of the new material has a through - composed, classical music - like nature to it, as well as open sections for solos. In addition to that there are strong Middle influences in some parts of Contemplating the material for the alj wanted an additional color added to the trio in to enhance those influences. There was only one for the job, and that man is Amos Hoffman member of my earlier New York band that recorded my first three records On those recordings Amos played the oud an ancient string instrument with a delicate, warm sound, which is at the same time very percussive. The oud is a Middle Eastern instrument that is usually played oniy within the framework of Middle Eastern ensembles, using quartertone scales. It made perfect sense to bring Amos back into the picture in order to complete the delivery of the new material, fusing the two worlds of East and West. These elements together produced the combination of sounds I was looking for, and created a nice balance between composed and improvised music I'm excited and proud to offeryou some moments of my life once again, reflected through the, music.


    Special Love and Thanks To:

    Mark, Sam and Amos for an incredible performance on this record
    To my family - Ora, Gershon, Itay. Ela and their families
    My friends - Ari, Natalie. Shlomo, Merav, Yair, Sharonne, Andy, Diego, Lorena, and the list of friends goes on and on
    I want to Thank Ray Jefford and Asher Bitansky for their wonderful support.

    A Big Thanks To Lorena, Francois, Jason Mark, Josh. Moishe, Tom and Frank all you do.

    A Special Thanks To Lars Nilsson for doing amazing job on this album, and to Guy Yaffe for an extra ear.

    I would also like to Thank Daniel for great images, Michal for beautiful art design, and Sharonne assisting with Imei notes once again.

    I also want to acknowledge some people who have been a great inspiration to me and have influenced my growth as a musician to have as friends: J.S Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwij Gabriel Faure, Erik Satie, Glen Gould. Jaco Pa! Charles Mingus.Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Palmieri, The BEATLES, LED ZEPPELIN, Matti Csspi, Shem Tov Levy, Paco De Lucia, Chick Corea, Jeff Ballard, Jason Lindner, Avi Lebovich, Diego Urcola, Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier, Amos Hoffman, Andy Gonzales and many more.