A 20 Year Retrospective

(2 CD)


Disc 1: The X-Files

1. The X-Files Theme 1'56
(Percy Jones / John Goodsall)
Live @ The BOTTOM LINE N.Y.C., N.Y. '94
Recorded live at the historic Bottom Line Club In downtown Manhattan during the band's 1994 "X-communication" reunion tour."
This piece evolved from an improvised jam that developed into a wicked opening number unleashed upon an unsuspecting audience, many of whom ran for cover or directly to the bar.
Features John's use of his new midi-guitar technology live, there is no keyboard player!
2. Nuclear Burn / Cambodia 6'48
(Phil Collins / John Goodsall / Percy Jones / Robin Lumley)
Live @ The BOTTOM LINE N.Y.C., N.Y.'94
Trademark Brand X medley recorded during the group's return performance at The BOTTOM LINE.
Downsized to a trio, but armed with John's midi-guitar, the group blazed new trails across America.
Mixed live to DAT with no overdubs do not try this in public.
3. True To The Click 5'31
(John Goodsall / Franz Pusch)
Manifest Destiny '96
The opening track form the from the band's stunning studio album produced by former Genesis producer David Hentschel. Universally hailed as a stunning return to form this track exemplifies the cutting edge contemporary sound the band was striving for on this album progressive music in the true sense of the word. Features a heavy drum and bass groove (and Frank's perfect time keeping) which sets up a one of a kind guitar solo which John pulled off while sitting in Franz's living room during pre-production. 1 could never do that solo again, ever!"exclaimed John. He was right, so we kept it.
4. Healing Dream 3'49
(John Goodsall)
X-Communication sessions '92
John Goodsall: I first wrote this song during the "Do they hurt" Album sessions, where it was first recorded but never used. I attempted to record it again several times over the years both with Brand X and The Fire Merchants, but drummers could never get the time right, they kept speeding up. One recording of it was even stolen and used in a TV commercial for Body Glove! Finally, I scrapped the whole concept and rearranged it for solo acoustic guitar. Here it is after all these years ...
5. Thalidomide Squid 5'14
(Percy Jones / John Goodsall)
Live @ The BOTTOM LINE '94
We owe this recording to drummer Frank Katz, who preserved and meticulously edited and remastered it This song started out as an improvised jam which never made it on the 'X-Communication" album. The song began to take form during the '94 tour and was recorded live to DAT before an adoring audience in Percy's hometown.
6. Born Pretty In A Disco 8'06
(Percy Jones / John Goodsall)
Live In Japan '97
After a three year hiatus the band regrouped for a monumental world tour in support of the Manifest Destiny album. Drummer Frank Katz was forced to pull out of the tour at the East moment leaving the band in a pickle.,.when down from another planet appeared legendary GONG drummer Pierre Moerlen (fresh from a classic Gong tour) who volunteered for the job. Pierre figured he owed Percy a bit of good will for having once, many moons ago, passed him over for the vacant bass gig in GONG. With only four days rehearsal the band set off for Japan. Once in Tokyo Mr. Nambu supplied us with too many Sapporo's, this is the result sound familiar? This track was recorded live to DAT and appears as a hidden bonus track on the European version of Manifest Destiny.
7. Nody Goes To Sweden 7'16
(Percy Jones)
Dudley University '76
Written during a period in my life when musical concepts were getting more abstract and ridiculous than ever before. The theme of this tune are the Enid Btyton characters 'Noddy and Big Ears going to Sweden for a long weekend and hooking up with some of the locaf talent. You may want to play this track backwards, on a dull rainy day when it's too wet to play outside. It was also another unsuccessful attempt to play something that was "danceable". Drummer Mike Clark, using a technique he had learned while living in New Orleans, put his kick drum on the upbeat, making it all far more interesting, t notice this is now commonly done in various forms of European Techno music I guess we were ahead of our time?
8. Kugelblitz 10'57
(Percy Jones / John Goodsall)
Missing Period album '76
'Kugelblitz' is an early song by the original Brand X lineup from the recently released Missing Period album. Recorded somewhere in England in late 76 or early 77, this recording was lost for over 20 years only recently resurfacing during the groups '97 world tour when John was given some old tapes by his daughter. This electrifying performance set the tone for what Brand X was soon to become one of the world's greatest jazz-rock fusion bands. But the question remains. What tn the world is a 'Kugelblitz'? Percy explains: 'I've had a great fascination with atmospheric electricity ever since the farm I lived on as a kid in Wales was struck by lightning. This song is inspired by the rare and mysterious 'ball light-ng' that sometimes appears in , Thunderstorms and still defies any scientific explanation" (so does Percy's bass playing).
9. Don't Make Waves 5'32
(John Goodsall)
Rrecovered from a box of tapes at my house, this recording is probably from the '79 or '81 American tour I wrote it as a future think post apocalyptic mind twister with a subliminal anti drug message just say no to nuclear war and drugs, or something like that? Phil liked it anyway and decided to sing it. He went on from here to have a fairly successful career as a singer. We sure have an ear for talent, don't we? Photo courtesy of Jack Goodsatl.
10. John 'No' Doe 2'49
(John Goodsall / Percy Jones)
Recorded at a studio somewhere in the English country side, the origins of this song are somewhat tost in the fog. John recatls this groovy funk track as being a common jam that the band went in to during sound checks and studio rehearsals while the engineers were getting sound levels together. Whatever its purpose its a funky song and has never been released. Tape's rolling?

Disc 2: eX-Tracks

1. Dance Of Life 4'00
(Ronnie Ciago / John Goodsall)
This Track is the most current on the CD Recorded in L.A. in 1997. Ronnie go and t have been playing together around L.A. for the past 3 years and we've always been influenced by the music of India and Africa. We wanted to write a piece together with those influences in mind. So Ronnie came up with the percussion track using , Udu Drum, African Slit Drum, Shakers and Gong in a 7/4 time signature. I wanted to write the melody using the Harmonic Minor scate. So we both played around with the melody and the 'Dance Of Life" was born. Using a steel string acoustic with light, bendy strings allowed me to imitate some sitar licks and ptaying low arpeggios on the acoustic 12-String created a kind of Indian background drone.
2. Saladin 3'21
(John Goodsall)
Originally conceived as John's west coast BRAND X project, this Los Angeles based trio featured Genesis drummer Chester Thompson. The band went on to record and perform as The Fire Merchants, pioneering the art of 'heavy metal progressive fusion" while torching numerous L. A. area clubs along the way. This song is from the group's self-titled and long lost debut album. Turn it up!
3. Inseminator 3'40
(Percy Jones)
While John had moved to L. A., Percy had long since settled in to New Your City, forming a local band called Tunnels. Percy, Frank and Mark would later (re)join Brand X (John did not join Tunnels) and then depart after the aborted '96 tour. John never left (in fact he couldn't leave) confusing? Anyway, Tunnels was/is a concept band and Percy explains why: 'Brand X and King Crimson seemed to attract a predominately male audience, any females who were there were usually unwillingly dragged in by their boyfriends. I think it was Bill Bruford who theorized that something about our style of music was having an effect on the punters' (British for 'fans') levels of testosterone. So. in a new direction, drummer Frank Katz and ! are trying to write music to influence serotonin levels." Got it? This song is from the groups very independent debut album that, aiong with X-Communication, seems to have disappeared into Ozone's Gill hole ???
4. G. Storm 2'45
(Danny Wilding)
This track is from Danny's new compilation album entitled More Pleasure. Originally recorded in 1978 for the Wilding-Bonus album Pleasure Signals, Danny wrote this piece in New York City before taking it back to England and playing it for Goodsall and Giblin. They worked out new arrangements and roped Phil in to play drums. As Danny explains, 'the songs title refers to a anti-gravitational storm where gravity ceases to exist." Danny still exists, playing his flute peacefully in New Mexico. Danny is also the bloke responsible for the formation of Brand X he signed them to Island Records in 1976. It's all his fault, really.
Photo courtesy of Danny's archives.
5. Measure The Sky 4'52
(John Goodsall)
6. Here I Am Now 4'33
(John Goodsail / Cochran)
Bill Bruford had an early association with Brand X. He rehearsed with us for a few weeks during the early development of Brand X, but commitments with King Crtmsom forced him to drop out. When Phil Collins joined as drummer, Bill appeared with us on percussion for some gigs in England. Later f played some rhythm guitar on Bill's first solo album. During this early period. Brand X were in the rehearsal studio next to a band from San Francisco called Automatic Man. led by Santana drummer Mike Shrieve. with Bayete (keys/vocals), Pat Thrall (guitar) and Donny Harvey (bass). I got together with Bill, Bayete. and Donny to record some songs with a ptan towards making a John Goodsaif solo album. These two songs, extremely rare never before released, come from our original demo recordings, which only survived on a single cassette tape, later transferred to DAT. Their historical value of these tracks more than makes up for the imperfect sound quality a miracle that they survived at all !
7. Animal 3'38
(John Goodsall / Mick McClinden)
8. Love Notes 4'39
(John Goodsall)
FLOOR came together in the late 80's when I was planning a second FIRE MERCHANTS album for ENIGMA RECORDS. As they were mostly an alternative-type label, I decided to produce a project that would better suit their musical and marketing style. Krash was an amazing singer/performance artist/composer who I first saw at a dingy punk Club in LA. Mike Barsimanto was the drummer from Jean Luc Ponty's band, Bassist Mick McClinden and I still work together on various projects. Just as the Floor album was nearly finished, Capitol Records dropped the Enigma label and the company went out of business, leaving me with a nearly completed album of some of the best rock music I've ever been involved with. Nothing from Floor has ever been released until now. Animal is a song about my Doberman. Love Notes is a stinkin' heartbreaker.
9. The Ocean 3'39
(Malcolm Bruce)
10. Last Of The Mohicans 3'57
(Percy Jones)
Percy Jones Japan Tour '99
This track was recorded live to DAT during Percy's recent solo tour of Japan. Influenced by elements of hip-hop and drum & bass, this song is representative of new musical styles Percy is currently exploring.
11. $10,000 Bookshelf 3'24
(Percy Jones)
From the album Propeller Music which for many years self respecting record company would touch with an 11 ft pole. The 24 track 2" master tapes were put to good use inthe meantime supporting a bookshelf in my house. Recorded in New York this album was eventually released on a small German independent label and remains a hard to find classic.
12. Finger Power 3'38
(Percy Jones)
Percy Jones / Frank Katz Single '97
Inspired by a rave party in the hills of Wales, this song was originally written and recorded for an Indie label 'drum & bass" compilation. The record company rejected it (no Joke) and billed the cost back to Percy and Frank. The title "Finger Power" suggests what Percy thought of the label's musical tastes. In fact, you can dance to it if you stand on your head while INTOXICATED.
13. From A Mountain Top 3'38
(John Goodsall)
Also from the aborted Floor album, this song is very i in that it features the only lead vocal performance I have ever released. I wrote the lyrics and the song is about li it all go and finding that special place of peace and f within and without you from a mountain top you can get all about it. Martin Luther King Jr. makes a special appearance.

Total Time: 126:58 (57:58 + 69:00)

Personnel on DISC 1:

  • Percy Jones - All Tracks (except 4)
  • John Goodsall - All Tracks
  • Frank Katz - (1-3, 5)
  • Franz Pusch - (2)
  • Pierre Moerlen - (6)
  • Kris Sjobring - (6)
  • Mike Clarke - (7)
  • Robin Lumley - (7-9)
  • Morris Pert - (7, 9)
  • Phil Collins - (8, 9)
  • Preston Heyman - (8)

    Personnel on DISC 2:

  • John Goodsall - (1, 2, 4-9, 13)
  • Percy Jones - (3, 10-12)
  • Ronie Ciago - (1)
  • Doug Lunn - (2, 4, 8)
  • Chester Thompson - (2)
  • Frank Katz - (3, 12)
  • Marc Wagnon - (3)
  • Van Manakas - (3)
  • Toss Panos - (4)
  • Danny Wilding - (5)
  • Phil Collins - (5)
  • John Giblin - (5)
  • Bill Bruford - (7)
  • Bayete - (7)
  • Donny Harvey - (7)
  • Paul Delph - (8)
  • Rick Parnell - (8)
  • Mick McClinden - (9, 13)
  • Mike Barsimanto - (9, 13)
  • Krash - (9, 13)
  • Malcolm Bruce - (10)
  • Pierre Moerlen - (10)
  • Mike Clarke - (11)
  • Shankar - (11)
  • Jeff Llewelyn - (11)

    Executive Producers John Goodsall & Percy Jones for X MUSIC ENTERPRISES, INC.
    Technical Advisors - Keith Lewis and Rich Stanmyre
    Outside Recording and Production Engineer:
    Malcolm Bruce (#2 / 10)
    Ronnie Ciago, John Goodsall and Bobby Owsinski (#2 / 1)
    Mick Cantarella (#2 / 3, 2 / 11, 2 / 12),
    Kevin Gilbert (#2 / 2)
    David Hentschel (#1 / 2)
    Keith Lewis (#1 / 1, 1 / 3, 1 / 4)
    Franz Pusch (#1 / 4, 2 / 4, 2 / 9, 2 / 13)
    Mastered by Judson Leach (He of the superior ears) for
    J-LABs, Hollywood, CA

    John would like to Thank Germaine & Bina Semhi-Goodsall for safe keeping the old tapes. DR Strings, LANEY AMPLIFICATION CUSTOM Guitars, Ibanez Custom Guitars and to all the great musicians whi contributed their time and talents to all these wonderful recordings.
    Percy would like to Thank IBANEZ Basses, HARTKE Amps and DR Strings for all the support.
    Pierre Moerlen and Frank Katz would like to Thank TAMA Drums for the ongoing support.

    This project could not have been made possible without the musical talents and support of all the musicians involved.
    To all of you, where ever you are THANKS!

    Special Thanks To our friends Shawn Ahearn & Sami Kaneda-Ahearn, Tom 'W Artusio, Ronnie & Tai Ciago, Keith Lewis, Muff (Koln), Mr. Nambu and Smash Japan, Rocky, Yushi, Ten, Jun and Yoko Ohyeah at Pony Canyon Japan, Andrea Soncini, Mark Tessier, and Mick Tsuyama.

    Disc One All Songs Published by X MUSIC ENTERPRISES, INC.
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    Except #2

    Disc Two All Songs Published by X MUSIC ENTERPRISES, Inc.
    Except: #5

    This product is owned by John Goodsali and Percy Jones. 1998 X MUSIC ENTERPRISES, Inc.
    BRAND X "The X-Files"

    With Special Guests:

    Bayete, Malcolm Bruce, Bill Bruford, Mike Clarke, Phil Collins, John Giblin, Frank Katz, Robin Lumley, Pierre Moerlen, Morris Pert, Chester Thompson & Danny Wilding.

    You have before you a true musical labor of love, a double cd album containing over two hours of BRAND X songs that Percy and I created new and old, as well as some of the best examples of lesser known material we recorded outside of BRAND X. Unlike many other BRAND X albums, this project was produced with the direct volvement of Percy and I. While some of the songs on this album have been released before, most of them are little known or previously unreleased live or studio tracks written by myself and Mr. Jones.
    Disc 1 features the classic period BRAND X performing songs such as 'Kugelblitz', 'Don't Make Waves' and 'Noddy Goes To Sweden' as well as the reformed 90's lineups perfoming newer compositions.
    The most recent BRAND X studio album Manifest Destiny (produced by David Hentschel of GENESIS fame), represented here by 'True To The Click', is our best ever in my opinion. We also plan to release an EP featuring extended remixes of some of these tracks in the near future.
    Disc 2 features material Percy and I have written and recorded outside of BRAND X. Some of my favorites are the three songs I recorded with my avant garde alternative-group FLOOR, which highlighted the vocals and stage antics of Krash, a wonderfully weird and wicked performance artist I met in an L. A. Club. In many respects f consider the FLOOR album to be my best alt round production to date. Also featured are two songs from an extremely rare demo of a band called 'Vertical Invader' I began forming with drummer Bill Bruford. Recorded in 1977, these are the only known recordings of this band that survive. The original 'Fire Merchants', my critically acclaimed L. A. based power-fusion trio, are also represented great band, wrong time! My most recent work here is 'Dance Of Life' an Indian influenced acoustic piece I recorded to years ago in L.A. with drummer Ronnie Ciago for his forthcoming solo album. Enjoy !

    John Goodsall, Long Beach, California, USA 1998

    After 1980, BRAND X disbanded for a while and everyone meandered off in different geographical and musical directions; John ended up in Los Angeles and myself in New York. We then both started following our own individual noses for a while and in retrospect it's interesting to hear the result of our respective work during this period of time.
    Various record companies had, during this period, been churning out compilations and out-takes of the band, none of which had our consent or approval and this was frankly pissing us both off. This record on the other hand was put together in cfose liaison with John and I. I think is a much more accurate representation of our work over the past 20 years than anything else that is out there. There are live versions of some of the already released BRAND X songs which invariably gives the tunes a different slant. Also there is the material which John and I recorded on our individual projects, much of which was rejected by the music industry at large, or if it was released at all, had only very limited distribution; therefore it is more than possible that much of this material has not been heard by you before. I hope you like it.

    - Percy Jones, New York City, New York, USA 1998