No Sweat


1. Roller Coaster 3'20
(M. James)
2. Save Our Ship 3'45
(Cynthia Weil / George Wadenuis)
3. Django 2'10
(John Lewis)
4. Rosemary 3'14
(Randy Newman)
5. Song For John 2'53
(Lou Marini Jr.)
6. Almost Sorry 6'25
(Jeff Kent / Doug Lubahn)
7. Back Up Against The Wall 2'57
(Buddy Buie / J.R. Cobb)
8. Hip Pickles 1'55
(Lou Marini Jr.)
9. My Old Lady 3'15
(Cynthia Weil / George Wadenius)
10. Empty Pages 3'16
(Steve Winwwod / Jim Capaldi / Chris Wood)
11. Mary Miles 2'26
(Michael Rabon)
12. Inner Crises 5'38
(Larry Willis)

Total Time: 41:14

  • Steve Katz - Rythm Guitar on "Roller Coaster"
  • George Wadenius - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
  • Larry Willis - Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Organ, Moog
  • Dave Bargeron - Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone
  • Lew Soloff - First Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Tom Malone - Second Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Tenor Trombone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Alt Flute, Fender Bass
  • Chuck Winfield - French Horn and Flugelhorn on "Mary Miles"
  • Lou Marini, Jr - Soprano, Tenor, Alto, Ban Sax, Flutes
  • Paul Buckmaster - ARP Synthesizer on "My Old Lady"
  • Jim Fielder - Fender Bass, Rhythm Guitar
  • Bobby Colomby - Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
  • Jimmy Maeulen - Percussion on "Roller Coaster"
  • Frank Ricotti - Percussion on "Almost Sorry" and "Inner Crises"
  • Steve Tyrell - Percussion on "Almost Sorry" and "Empty Pages"
  • Jerry Fisher - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
    Valerie Simpson
    Joshie Armstead
    Maeretha Stewart

    Produced by Steve Tyrell

    Fred Heller - Executive Representation

    Recorded at ELECTRIC LADY STUDIOS, New York City

    Chart History:

    Released August of 1973 (Columbia 32810), it peaked at #72 on the U.S. album charts. As far as I know, there was one single, "Save Our Ships" / "Rosemary", which failed to chart. The album is not currently in print, although some of the tracks appear on the European compilations and one on the "What Goes Up!" CD set.

    Ross Boissoneau of the ALL MUSIC GUIDE writes:

    The second recording without David Clayton-Thomas, it may be the jazziest BS&T ever. Surprisingly, most of the material comes from outside the band, with the exception of two tracks by Lou Marini, Jr., two -written by Wadenius (the featured guitarist in the band following Steve Katz's departure), and the concluding "Inner Crisis" by Larry Willis. Jerry Fisher is more integrated into the band in his role as lead singer, and the band shines throughout on material ranging from TRAFFICS's "Empty Pages" to John Lewis' "Django". The highlight is "Almost Sorry", which features Bobby Colomby's rock solid drumming and solos from the entire horn section: Dave Bargeron on trombone, Lew Soloff and Tom Malone on electric trumpets, and Marini on alto flute,

    1996 AMG

    August 4, 1973, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Wrote:

    Jerry Fisher's vocals propel the band into happy pop waters. His voice has the gravely, gutsy quality that represents a pop / blues situation, and it it works well within the structure of this quasi-jazz band. The LP was recorded in New York and London, adding an international quality to the band's scope and influence. Horns and reeds bristle, the rhythm is consistently driving, but not obnoxious, an electric piano adds soft fills and powering chord blocks. The LP is a matched effort in terms of vocal attacks and 'instrumental' skills. The band roars with all its magnificence, but switches gears easily on the slow "Django" excerpt. Ther are no surprises here for BS&T buffs; the music remains on the high level of proficiency that has marked its point position of being a leading contemporary big band. Best cuts: "My Old Lady", "Roller Coaster", "Save Our Ship".


    Jeremiah Rickert writes:

    Although for the most part, I prefer Clayton-Thomas' vocals to those of Jerry Fisher, this album simply rocks the pants off other albums on the whole. Most BS&T albums have hard driving cuts on them, but this one has seven of them. The horn section is probably the most virtuoso of the bunch as well, including Lou Marini Jr., Tom Malone, Lew Soloff, and Dave Bargeron. Tom Malone is practically a horn section in himself, playing trombone, all the saxes, flute, and trumpet. They're extremely tight, and I'm lucky to have video of that group in the studio and on the German show The BEAT CLUB. This is my overall favorite BS&T album. I was disappointed that the "What Goes Up !" compilation only included "Roller Coaster". I would have like to have seen at least "Rosemary" and "Back Up Against The Wall". However, "Empty Pages", "Save Our Ship", and "Hip Pickles" deserved to be heard as well.