More Than Ever


1. They 6'29
(David Clayton-Thomas / William D. "Smitty" Smith)
2. I Love You More Than Ever 5'28
(Allan Landon / Douglas Lenier)
3. Katy Bell 4'29
(Stephen C. Foster)
(Arranged & Adapted by Bob James)
4. Sweet Sadie The Savior 4'25
(Patti Austin)
5. Hollywood 3'36
(David Clayton-Thomas / William D. "Smitty" Smith)
6. You're The One 4'57
(David Clayton-Thomas / William D. "Smitty" Smith)
7. Heavy Blue 5'26
(Larry Willis)
8. Saved By The Grace Of Your Love 4'20
(William D. "Smitty" Smith / David Palmer)

Bonus Tracks

:: Recorded live, October 12, 1980, at The STREET SCENE (Downtown, L.A.) ::

9. God Bless The Child 2'59
10. Lucretia MacEvil 1'11
11. Hi-De-Ho 5'33
12. And When I Die 1'35
13. Spinning Wheel 1'12
14. You've Made Me So Very Happy 3'02

Total Time: 54:42

  • David Clayton-Thomas - Vocals
  • Steve Khan - Guitars (except "Heavy Blue", "Saved By The Grace Of Your Love" and "I'll Love You More Than Ever"
  • Mike Stern - Electric Guitar on "Heavy Blue"
  • Hugh McCracken - Electric Guitar (except "Sweet Sadie The Savior"), Acoustic Guitar on "You're The One."
  • Bob James - Electric Piano, Acousting Piano, Celesa, Clavinet, ARP Synthesizer
  • Larry Willis - Eletric Piano on "Heavy Blue"
  • Eric Gale - Electric Guitar on "Sweet Sadie The Savior", "I'll Love You More Than Ever" and "Saved By The Grace Of Your Love"
  • Richard Tee - Acoustic Piano on "Saved By The Grace Of Your Love" and "Sweet Sadie The Savior", Organ on "Sweet Sadie The Savior"
  • Eric Weissberg - Banjo on "Katy Bell" and Dobro solo on "Hollywood"
  • Marvin Stamm - Trumpet
  • Jon Faddis - Trumpet on "Sweet Sadie The Savior", "They" and "Hollywood"
  • David Taylor - Bass Trombone on "Sweet Sadie The Savior", "They" and "Hollywood"
  • Dave Bargeron - Trombone, Tuba
  • Forrest Batchell - Trumpet "Saved By The Grace Of Your Love", "Heavy Blue" and "Katy Bell"
  • Tony Klatka - Trumpet on "Saved By The Grace Of Your Love", "Heavy Blue" and "Katy Bell"
  • Arnie Lawrence - Tenor Sax on "You're The One"
  • Bill Tillman - Tenor Sax, Flute
  • Sidney Weinberg - Oboe on "I'll Love You More Than Ever"
  • Ron McClure - Bass
  • Gary King - Bass
  • Danny Trifan - Bass
  • Bobby Colomby - Drums
  • Don Alias - Percussion
  • David Friedman - Xylophone, Marimba, Vibes on "They"
  • David Nadien- Strings
  • Seymour Barab - Strings
  • Max Ellen - Strings
  • Harry Lookofsky - Strings
  • Harry Glickman - Strings
  • Max Pollikoff - Strings
  • Matthew Raimondi - Strings
  • Emanuel Vardi - Strings
  • Charles McCracken - Strings
  • Harry Cykman - Strings
  • Richard Sortomme - Strings
  • Theodore Israel - Strings
  • Frank Floyd - Vocals
  • Ullanda McCullough - Vocals
  • Zachary Sanders - Vocals
  • Chaka Khan - Vocals
  • Vivian Cherry - Vocals
  • Lani Groves - Vocals
  • Bill Eaton - Vocals
  • Patti Austin - Featured Vocalist on "Sweet Sadie The Savior" and "More Than Ever"
  • Gwen Guthrie - Vocals

    Produced and Arranged by Bob James
    Bobby Colomby - Assistant Producer
    Dave Palmer - Engineer
    Frank Laico - Engineer

    Chart History:

    Album was released in August of 1976 (COLAMBIA AL 34233). It featured guest vocals by renowned R&B vocalist Patti Austin. It tickled the album chart, peaking at #165. A solitary Single, "You're The One" / "Heavey Blue", did not chart. The album is not in print anywhere in the world. "You're The One", appears on the COLAMBIA release Found Treasures, as well as the French Collection, and the What Goes Up! CD set. "Sweet Sadie The Savior", and "Katy Bell", are on the UK Definitive Collection.

    Jeremiah Rickert writes:

    "This album really surprised me, mostly because of the sharp contrast in styles between this and New City.
    The previous album had a definitite rock and pop edge, while More Than Ever has an almost country feel to it. Viewing the huge list of musicians that participated in this recording is a testament to the problems the band had staying together. One would think that after the relative success of New City, they would stick to the program. It seems as if COLUMBIA said, hey, you're going to do this our way, and we have the contract that says you have to, or perhaps they wanted to put out a product to get them dropped from the label. I mean, heck, the next album, Brand New Day is one of my favorite BS&T releases. More Than Ever, with its plain photo of the LP cover, and it's simplistic liner notes could not have been intended to be a hit. On another front, most of the songs are pretty good. I enjoy "Hollywood", and Larry Willis' "Heavy Blue", as well "Sweet Sadie", "More Than Ever", and "Katy Bell".
    It's a different album, but not a bad one. Considering the patchwork of musicians that recorded it, it's really quite an acheivment".