All In A Day's Work


1. A New York Minute 6'12
(Bob Baldwin)
2. All In a Day's Work 4'58
(Bob Baldwin)
3. Day-0 5'51
(Bob Baldwin)
4. Third Time's The Charm 5'41
(Bob Baldwin)
5. Quirky 6'30
(Bob Baldwin)
6. Can You Feel It ? 6'39
(Bob Baldwin)
7. Steamy 5'54
(Bob Baldwin)
8. Sunrise 4'54
(Bob Baldwin)
9. Quality Time 1'47
(Bob Baldwin)
10. Steamy (Interlude) 0'52
(Bob Baldwin)
11. The Very Last Night In Rio 5'21
(Bob Baldwin)
12. Don't Get It Twisted 7'44
(Bob Baldwin)
13. Can You Feel It ? (Interlude) 1'19
(Bob Baldwin)

Total Time: 63:41

  • Bob Baldwin - Piano, Keyboards, Strings, Percussion, Bass, Drum Programming, Vocals
  • Dennis Johnson - Drums, Drum Programming
  • Buddy Williams - Drums on "The Very Last Night In Rio" and "Quality Time"
  • Ron Jenkins - Bass on "Sunrise" and "The Very Last Night In Rio"
  • Tonni Smith - Vocals on "Can You Feel It ?"
  • Phil Hamilton - Guitars on "Day-O", "Quirky", "Steamy", "Sunrise" and The Very Last Night In Rio"
  • Ragan Whiteside - Flutes on "A New York Minute", "Sunrise" and "Quality Time"
  • Armando Marcal - Percussion on "The Very Last Night In Rio"
  • Cafe Da Silva - Percussion on "Can You Feel It?" and "Sunrise"
  • Zoiea - Vocals on "Sunrise", "Don't Get It Twisted" and "Day-O"
  • Dave Mann - Sax on "All In A Days Work", "Day-O", Third Time'sACharm", "Steamy" and "The Very Last Night In Rio"
  • Barry Danielian -Trumpet on "All In A Days Work", "Day-O", "Third Time's A Charm", "Steamy" and The Very Last Night In Rio"

    Bob Baldwin - Producer
    Mark Wilder - Mastering
    Roy Mathews - Engineer
    Carl Griffin - A&R

    Special Thanks To God-the Creator and Author of my blessings, my beautiful awesome family who always stand tall in the name of love in those seemingly endless gaps, friends, radio stations worldwide, Dave Chackler/215 Music for the opportunity, A440 Music for their generosity, musicians and loyal music fans worldwide. Because of the generosity of Carl Griffin and Suzy LeClair, we were able to release this record in 2005 after working feverishly all winter to make it.


    It's a concept one must hold true to throughout one's career. When I started in this business, I just wanted to be a musician, but as I got thrusted into certain scenarios 20 years ago, I realized I was unprepared. I realized that in order to have longevity in a business setting, I better know a little bit about everything, from what type of recording tape to how to read a contract to what Artists to work with, web presence, etc. In an ever changing business landscape we call the music business, one must prepare themselves to turn on a dime and change when technology says so. Thats "AII In A Day's Work". Musically speaking, we are fusing the remnants of Rio, along with my continuous fascination with percussion. This time, we added some funky horns and a Maurice White-influenced original ("Day-O"), a sizzlingly-slow grind ("Don't Get It Twisted" - written 5 years ago). I still love my funk but man, always in lieu of the next hip harmony chain.
    Tonni Smith still has it going on with her funky groove on "Can You Feel It?" Watch your speakers on that one because this record does not come with Speaker Funk Damage insurance! Consider yourself duly warned.
    After 20 years of live shows, I can still go back to when I used to go with my dad to a piano trio gig, he'd sit me on the same piano bench he was playing on that night while the gig was evolving and I would marvel at his virtuosity and mindset.
    He's passed that torch on to me and always told me to 'handle my business' and to get your props from your body of work, not some sad hit that was pre-determined by some power-hungry exec.
    Also, the Mother of this great gift, Ms. Addie Viola Baldwin-Gaines shot my cover from a gig I did at Croton Point Park, NY on July 9, 2005. She had the best eye in the park that day.

    THANKS, DAD / MOM! Y'all are the best!
    See y'all on the road ...