King Crimson Songbook
volume one


1. 21st Century Schizoid Man 6'53
(Robert Fripp / Ian McDonald / Greg Lake / Michael Giles / Peter Sinfield)
2. Three Of A Perfect Pair 6'12
(Adrian Belew / Bill Bruford / Robert Fripp / Tony Levin)
3. Cat Food 6'19
(Robert Fripp / Peter Sinfield / Ian McDonald)
4. Starless 10'41
(David Cross / Robert Fripp / John Wetton / Bill Bruford / Richard Palmer-James)
5. Ladies Of The Road 6'44
(Robert Fripp / Peter Sinfield)
6. I Talk To The Wind 9'57
(Ian McDonald / Peter Sinfield)
7. Red 5'59
(Robert Fripp)
8. Matte Kudasai 9'07
(Adrian Belew / Bill Bruford / Robert Fripp / Tony Levin)

Total Time: 61:52

  • Jody Nardone - Acoustic Grand Piano
  • Tim Landers - Fretless Bass Guitar
  • Ian Wallace - Drumset

    Produced and Mixed by Ian Wallace
    Engineered by Tim Landers
    Art Direction and Illustrations by Steve Dennie www.stevedennieart.m

    Ian Wallace Photo and Additional Cover Direction by Marjone Pomeroy
    Jody Nardone Photo by Claudine Price
    Tim Landers Photo by Caroline Lavelle

    All Songs Arranged by The CRIMSON JAZZ TRIO

    All Tracks Published by BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING, Ltd.

    Recorded by Tim Landers at MUDZONE, Woodland Hills, California
    Mixed at
    LABMIX STUDIO, Los Angeles, California
    Mastered at


    Sid Smith - You wouldn't think a piano, bass and drums outfit would do KING CRIMSON's material justice. It shouldn't work but it really does and spectacularly well. Jazz has always been capable of transforming material from one genre to another. Part of the success depends on the choice of material that's being reinvented and in this, The CRIMSON JAZZ TRIO has chosen well. The mistake to make when approaching this record is to think of it as a mere covers album. It's nothing of the sort.
    Ian Wallace, pianist Jody Nardone and bassist Tim Landers do something subtly different. They've produced an album of material that has authority and its own personality equal to its origins. Rather than meekly attempting to rework some tunes in a different idiom, The CRIMSON TRIO push the material somewhere else entirely. There's a transformative, liberating alchemy at work here that makes this album so engaging. One is never quite sure which direction a particular piece is going to go next. Given the empathy for jazz tradition that resided in CRIMSON (especially in the early part of their career) it perhaps should be no surprise that the project is as successful as it is; how else does one explain that these rock-based.

    Jody Nardone wishes to Thank his mentors, Keith McDonald, Kenny Werner, Rufus Reid and the entire jazz faculty at WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY, my bandmates fan and Tim (what a joy it was to get to hang and make music with with the two of you). Margie (thanks to you and Ian for making my stay in L.A. so wonderful); Keith Walkowicz (wherever you are!) who had distinct honor of turning me on to Crimson way back in HIGH SCHOOL; my family especially Mom - Mary Lou and Dad - the late, great Joseph Nardone Jr. who encouraged me from minute one and most importantly, my Claudine, thank you for believing... I love you.
    Tim Landers uses LaBELLA Strings and plays M.V. Pedulla TBC bases with Lightwave Electronics.
    Special Thanks go To Jack Wilson, Mike Pedulla and Richard Coco Jr..
    Extra Special Thanks To the Landers Girls and Patrice for the use of her Kawai piano!
    Ian Wallace would like to Thank the guys who wrote this tunes Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald, Greg Lake, Michael Giles, Peter Sinfield, David Cross, John Wetton, Bill Bruford, Richard Palmer-Jones, Tony Levin and Adrian Belew - for providing such good putty.
    I'd like to Thank the SCHIZOID BAND for letting me play with them and for giving me the idea and inspiration to make this CD.
    Thanks To Margie for her hard work, boundless enthusiasm, love and encouragement.
    An Extra-Special Thanks To Robert Fripp for "getting it" and to both Robert and Sid Smith for their great liner notes.
    Thanks To Edy Bronston, Barry Stock and penston for coming through yet again and to Alana Rocklin for her friendship.
    Thanks To Steve Dennie for his hard work, generosity and inspiration and to Nadim Haque for his scrumptious website.
    Thanka To my bandmates Jody and Tim for their love, humor and impeccible musicianship and to Hagi the dog for his fabulous singing on "Cat Food".
    An Extra-Special double secret probation Thanks to my endorsers, Joe Testa at Yamaha Drums; Jim McGathey, John DeCristopher and John Sorensen at Avedis Zildjian Cymbals and Sticks; Steve Lobmeier at Evans Drumheads; Ryan Smith at Shure Microphones and Kevin Walt at M-Audio.

    I dedicate this album to Freddy Gruber and to the memory of Elvin Jones and Tony Williams, my inspiration for so many years.