Y'all Just Don't Know


1. Trickle Down * 3'54
Music: Andy Milne
Lyrics: Bruce Cockburn & Kokayi
2. Neoparadeigma 6'47
Andy Milne
3. In the Moment 5'26
Andy Milne
4. Con Alma
* 5'46
Dizzy Gillespie
5. Bermuda Triangle 2'51
Andy Milne
6. Everywhere Dance
* 4'25
Music & Lyrics: Andy Milne & Bruce Cockburn
7. Patterns Of Force 5'27
Andy Milne
8. Only Clave 4'04
Music: Andy Milne
Lyrics: Kokayi
9. Bad Air
* 6'18
Music: Bruce Cockburn
Lyrics: Bruce Cockburn & Kokayi
10. Why 2 K? 6'45
Andy Milne
11. Lullaby 6'45
Andy Milne

Total Time: 51:43

  • Andy Milne - Piano, Keyboards & Vocals (1)
  • Gregoire Maret - Harmonica
  • Rich Brown - Electric Bass
  • Sean Rickman - Drums (all except 1 & 9) & Vocals (1 & 11)


  • Bruce Cockburn - Vocals (1, 6 & 9) & Guitar (1 & 9)
  • Kokayi - Vocals (1, 5, 8, 9 & 10)

    Also Appearing:

  • Mark Prince - Drums (1 & 9) & Percussion (6)
  • Rick "Shadrach" Lazar - Percussion (6 & 9)
  • David Gilmore - Guitar (3)
  • Vashon Johnson - Acoustic Bass (6)
  • Vinia Mojica - Background Vocals (9)
  • Carla Cook - Background Vocals (1)

    Producers: Sean Rickman, Dick Rausch, Andy Milne
    Executive Producer: James Nicol
    Project Manager: P.C. Jackson
    Photography: Jose Ivey, P.C. Jackson (studio)
    Cut-Paper illustrations / Design: Tamar Haber-Schaim

    Bruce Cockburn appears Courtesy of TRUE NORTH / ROUNDER
    Carla Cook appears Courtesy of

    Andy Milne uses KORG Synthesizers
    Sean Rickman uses PEARL Drums and ZILDJIAN Cymbals
    Rich Brown uses Ken LAWRENCE Basses and AGUILAR Amplifiers
    Gregoire Maret exclusively plays HOHNER Harmonicas

    * Recorded: Michael Marciano, SYSTEMS 2, Brooklyn, NY, May 16th - 17th 2001
    Recorded: Dick Rausch,
    Sir EEL RECORDING COMPLEX, Brookville, MD, Oct. 12th - 14th 2001
    Additional Recording: Bobo Fini, Dick Rausch & Ed Ross, August - November 2001
    Digital Editing: Bobo Fini & Andy Milne,
    STONEWAY STUDIOS, Brooklyn, NY, August - November 2001
    Mixed: Dick Rausch, Sean Rickman & Andy Milne,
    INNERFACE, Annapolis, MD, November - December 2001
    Mastered: Dick Rausch, Sean Rickman,
    INNERFACE, Annapolis, MD, December 26th 2001

    When I set out to make this recording almost 3 years ago I had only a hazy notion^ of what it might sound like. As time passed, my vision came into focus, the dot com craze & record industry went bust, and my approach to living and composition shifted profoundly. Fortunately, I was blessed with supportive ^^^^ band-members, friends and family who recognized Dapp Theory as a special and unique ψΨ/^; musical force.

    The opportunity to collaborate with Bruce Cockburn was a huge honor because I've respected his music & lyrics since my early teens. The timing was perfect because Bruce was beginning a sabbatical when I approached him. Organizing composing sessions in New Jersey, Toronto, New Hampshire and Montreal initially seemed daunting, however they came together with surprising ease, leaving Bruce and me free to dedicate ourselves to the creative process. A new friendship and two new compositions to our credit, I feel an enormous success from this period.

    Although Bruce's presence here may surprise some, it has always felt quite me. Bruce represents an entire tradition of singer-songwriter-poet-musicians affected social change through the power of their words and politics, much artists Chuck D, KRS-1 and 2-Pac. I wanted to pair Bruce with Kokayi, an MC intelligence and musicianship, to explore the similarities between the poetic expression found in hip-hop and folk-rock. Bruce Cockburn and Kokayi are wordsmiths from two disctint musical cultures, seeking to expose the truth through their art form.

    DAPP THEORY strives to link thr essence nf jazz with hip-hop and other forms of musical expression. It's not about playing in any particular style, but about connecting to the sensibilities found within the band's collective musical background. The music is rooted in jazz because it comes alive through creative improvisation with an emphasis on groove and profound melody. Deeply inspired by the masters of many musics, we strive to create our own music which emulates them only in their inventive spirit. Rich Brown, Gregoire Maret and Sean Rickman each represent several decades of studying a vast range of music. Each possesses an unique voice and immeasurable talent on their respective instrument. comes from experiencing their exploration of the music, night after night.


    I want to give major Thanks To those who loaned me hours of their time, expertise and patience during the making of this recording: ^Λ^^^^^% " Sean, Dick, Ravi and your families. I couid not have done this without your guidance. ^^E* energy & support. Thanks for not kicking me out until it was finished. Your friendship and • commitment can't be measured • Chris for your steady support, friendship & advice and for taking a week off work to be there for a brother * Gregoire, Kokayi, Rich, Sean and Mark for your patience & for taking the road beatings • All the musicians for your other-worldly musicianship, endurance & friendship • At Concord Records. Bob O'Connor, John Burk and Norman Lear for your vision and Kent Liu and Abbey Anna for working hard to get this through for 2003 • Jose for jumping in at the last minute and making us look good • Tamar for feeling the vision & stretching with me • Rio ^^ and Dale at the Jazz Gallery for the field of dreams vibe • Stanley for being mellow & resourceful and ^^h^ Camille for letting us crash at the crib • Gene for being ready to jump m • Vincent for your ^|^B^^ skill, drive & time on the EPK • Patrick for documenting & mixing the Rocco 2002 sessions • Βξξ^^Φ^^^ Lang for capturing me & ΒΡ • Rocco for helping us build a home in LA • Dan, Catalina, Byron, ^% and Will for letting us crash • Phil for the liner notes & support • Jana for the PR & advice • Helmut for the extra footage & your generosity • Poz for listening & encouraging me with my dreams • Shernette and Anna at Alamo YYZ for the unlimited drive happy leeway • Bobby Colomby for your constant enthusiasm, guidance & sharing of your time & experience • George Ghiz for listening, brain-storming & going to bat • Mike, Joe, and Nancy for the great analog vibes • Mike Simm for hooking up the accommodations • Paul Schaffer for the congas • Mario for hooking up Shadrach • Jim and Chris for being there when I had no options & for going out on a major limb for me • MJ for your friendship & the vibe September House gave to "Everywhere Dance" • Idea Live for putting me through it. From death came life • Bruce Cockburn for being you and for being available & down for the cause • Rich, Hubie and Bernie for hooking up the ΒΡ connect • Iris for constantly questioning the written ^^^^ ^^ word • The Beattys for housing me & my car • My family for understanding how much this ^0^B^br^ means to me • The Creator for blessing me with the determination, imagination & will ^^^Θ ^Ψ to succeed • Alt of you who are supporting creative independent music by buying this ^^^^ί J^T <~'D Y'a" iust don't know... If you were to ask, I couldn't tell you. If f told ^^ you, you wouldn't believe me. If 1 didn't make it, you wouldn't have it to enjoy. If you burn it, we can't survive. Please support independent artists by purchasing - not burning - their CDs.

    I've always believed that, despite the limited vision and commercial constraints of the recording industry, there would always be an opportunity for exceptional artistry to emerge through the morass of mediocrity, 'nether it be through word of mouth, or just spectacular good fortune, a truly inspired musical aggregatio ^uld sustain its existence and flourish by building upon a core audience and eventually break through to orldwide prominence. Testing that supposition is Dapp Theory. Much like trying to pitch "Seinfeld" to a major network, the elements of this band are disparate at best. Yet, because of Andy Milne's integrity and sheer brilliance in making those elements work. I believe Dapp Theory is the beginning of a sorely needed musical recrudescence. As a musician and recording industry veteran, I music. Not only was I unable to figure out what _.. music in any existing category. But once I simply listened, I was hooked. t back, dispe mically, I couldn t classify thi ith my analysis and just The music of Andy Milne is the most startling aural revelation of my life since 1956, when ! heard Jimmy Smith for the first time. I consider Andy's music to be the next page because it is like nothing I've ever heard before. The eighth color of the Rainbow. I was totally spellbound when I heard the group at NAMM 2002 in Anaheim. It would have been the perfect next step for Miles and I'm sure it would have been his DAPP THEORY.

    1. Trickle Down

    Picture on a magazine
    Boardroom popstar
    Pinstripe prophet of peckerhead greed
    He said "Trust me with the money"
    The keys to the universe -
    Trickle Down will give us everything we need

    Brand new century
    Private penitentiary
    Bank vault utopia padded for the few
    Tumors for the masses
    Coughing for the masses
    Earphones for the masses and they alt serve you.

    Plowed fields in Brazil's rain forest
    Soil is porous
    The stench out their mouths reeks of phosphorous
    Vote for us
    Politicos with Cheshire smiles
    Pockets full of tobacco leaves
    Weave tales and stale dreams pale pleas
    Patriot games without Harrison
    GOP seeks to stock the garrison
    Those sworn to uphold the law ρontinue the harassment
    41 shots for leather guns
    Missions to Mars seeking like to tether up the sun

    Trickle down - give 'em the business
    Trickle down - supposed to give us the goods
    Cups held out to catch a bit of the bounty
    Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

    What used to pass for education
    Now looks more like ignoration
    Take the people's money and slip it to the corporation
    Yellow rain golden shower
    Pesticide firepower
    Summon feudal demons ξf sweatshop subjugation

    Workfare, foul air
    Homeless beggars everywhere
    Picture-phone aristocrats lounge around the pool
    Captains of industry
    Smiling beneficently
    Leaky - hull supertanker ship of fools

    Trickle down - give 'em the business
    Trickle down - supposed to give us the goods
    Cups held out to catch a bit of the bounty
    Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

    Harvest the moon industry inundated
    With the same greed laced tunes
    4th horsemen of the Apocalypse croons
    Money consumes consumers presume
    Prescriptions allude look as the evil exudes off their skin like sweat
    Drops facades and set props
    Lights camera action class wars
    Patriot factions native American concentration
    Camps casino reactions blankets
    Laced with small-pox pull the lever
    Triple six hits and your soul dies forever

    Trickle down - give 'em the business
    Trickle down - supposed to give us the goods
    Cups held out to catch a bit of the bounty
    Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

    2. Neoparadeigma


    3. In The Moment


    4. Con Alma


    5. Bermuda Triangle


    6. Everywhere Dance

      Moon of plenty, moon of missed chance
      It'll be what you went but you can't stop the dance
      Try to count the steps and they change while you stare
      And the translucent moon floats in waves of blue air
      And we cry out for grace to lay truth bare
      The dance is the truth, and it's everywhere

      Pas de deux in stark silhouette
      Pulsing against a clear orange sunset
      As the distance shifts from skin unto skin
      Look at how bodies shape the spaces they're in
      See the limbs slide smooth through unresisting air
      The dance is the truth, and it's everywhere

      In grains of sand and galaxies
      In plasma flow and rain in trees
      In the sepia swell of silted up surf
      In the ebb and the flow of dying and birth
      In wounded streets and whispered prayer
      The dance is the truth, and it's everywhere

    7. Patterns Of Force


    8. Only Clave

      And the fax read
      No beach no fun no play
      No sun no day
      No bonita senoritas no man no way
      Weeks of clave only
      Brain twists rum sips
      Cohiba Esplendido
      Hand slaps on the skins make me miss Tito
      It's hot people mango butter
      Sizzle like the light drizzle rain drope on
      Black tops in the mid-summer
      Sun under the weather
      Sweaty like Eddie in Delirious red leather
      Hot stepper like ini kamoze
      Suppose we baila with N G Labanda slowly
      Naw we slapped the wood blocks
      Rock the palm tree top
      Trunks three tropic
      Temp therma stat poppin'
      Like ya dermis in a tweed stocking
      Breeze steady like Β ready to push the pedal heavy
      Like when he mobbed with cool Ρ
      E S T the ackniculous ridiculous plus we cantankerous
      Ready to bust upon these plush conditions like mint rust
      Seein' the red
      Only the Ρ l a v e
      Got me easy to bury
      Band the d
      Slang the dr
      Rang the dru
      True mtume juicy fruit
      Hang from the vine
      Clapping and singing
      And chanting in time
      Slippery incline
      Inclined to go out of my mind
      Mind your hands and feet
      Toe tap the beat beat box
      And with two sticks in hand I wrote my SOS note in the sand
      On the beach I crept to with 3 others
      1 sister two brothers
      Sun lover
      Plot never uncovered
      Photo op still sits atop my desktop
      Next to the fax that said

      (repeat from top)

    9. Bad Air

      Judge said to the hooker,
      "Can you come out to play?
      I've been condemning people all day long.
      That's how I get paid
      My dreams are full of criminals frolicking about
      Open up the window, let the bad air out!"

      Strangled by confusion,
      My mind is in decay
      Can't picture tomorrow,
      Can't remember yesterday
      Send out for the Black & Decker and the psychiatric couch
      Open up the window, let the bad air out

      Police said to Diallo, "Man
      Throw your weapon down"
      I guess the economics of a wallet
      Made a different sort of sound
      Shots they rang out the gavel
      Still gave no shout
      Open up the window let the bad air out

      Dubya winked at Dickie
      Man you know Alaska' kinda of prime
      Let's drill it 'til we kill it the crude is all refined"
      Energy is the crisis Cali's got rolling blackouts
      Open up the window let the bad air out

      Judge said to defendant
      Take a step back 5 years is the minimum
      For 1 rock of crack
      Wall Street started laughing
      Man they've been sniffin' more than just an ounce
      Open up the window let the bad air out

      Too much monkey business, like Mr. Berry said
      Drugs and oil and money don't mean nothing when you're dead
      At the risk of being subversive.
      Nothing left to do but shout
      Traitors in high places
      Take my money, tell me lies
      Take a walk past parliament, it smells like something died
      They ask for trust, but somehow I've got serious doubts
      Open up the window, let the bad air out

    10. Why 2 K?


    11. Lullaby