Boston T Party


1. D’funk’d 6'25
(T. Lavitz)
2. (Great) Ball Of Issues 5'39
(T. Lavitz)
3. Around About Way 6'41
(T. Lavitz)
4. I Hate The Blues...(But Here’s One Anyway) 5'56
(Jeff Berlin)
5. All Thought Out 6'47
(T. Lavitz)
6. Emotional Squalor 8'27
(T. Lavitz)
7. Deff 184 1'46
(Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers, T. Lavitz)
8. Last Trane 3'11
(David Fiuczynski)
9. Constant Comment 7'46
(T. Lavitz)
10. Foxy Morons 6'38
(Jeff Berlin)

Total Time: 59:16

  • Dennis Chambers - Drums
  • T. Lavitz - Keyboards
  • Jeff Berlin - Bass
  • David Fiuczynski - Fretless Bass, Frets

    Produced by T Lavitz
    Engineeres by Nick Gallant
    Set Up by Huck Bennert
    Additional Engineering by Eric Peterson
    Nuendo and Pro Tools Editing, File Conversion / Transfers by Wade Starnes
    Additional Mix Engineering by Glenn Tabor
    Mastered by Glenn Tabor at
    GAT3 PRODUCTIONS, Charlotte, North Carolina
    Cover Art and Package Design by Dave Stephens
    Photography by Nick Gallant, Cheryl Milonopoulos and T Lavitz
    T Photo by Cheryl Milonopoulos
    Dennis, Jeff, Dave Photos by T Lavitz

    Recorded at WELLSPRING SOUND, Acton, Massachusetts, September, 2005
    Bass Overdub on "(Great) Ball Of Issues" Recorded by Paul Richardson at
    MEDIA CENTRAL STUDIOS, Brandon, Florida
    Mixed at
    GAT3 PRODUCTIONS, by Wade Starnes and Glenn Ňabor with T Lavitz

    Dennis exclusively Endorses PEARL Drums, ZILDJIAN Cymbals and Sticks. Evans Heads, Slicknuts, and XL Specialty cases. Hear more of Dennis on BHM RECORDS. Also, thanks to everyone for your love, support and prayers!

    Jeff uses Carl THOMPSON Bass Strings,
    BARTOLINI Pick-Ups,
    Leo QUAN BADASS Bass Bridges,
    and Markbass Amplifiers
    Jeff practices his Bass at The PLAYERS SCHOOL Of MUSIC, Clearwater, Florida

    David would like to Thank his wife Lian Amber for all her support, Johann GUSTAVSSON Guitars, CAMPBELL AMERICA Guitars and Ernie BALL Strings and Pedals.
    Thank You Also To T, Jeff and Dennis for the incredible music & Eric, Eric and Nick at WELLSPRING SOUND for great sonic support.

    T would like to Thank his wife Cheryl. WADE Starnes (OMGS), Dylan, Joanne, his family, Heiene. Mark Gander, Woody Moran. Mike Varney and Mike Jarrold for their support.
    Also, a Special Thanks from T and Wade To Glenn and Susan Tabor at GAT3 PRODUCTIONS for their generosity.