1. The Endless Enigma (Part I) 6'39
(Keith Emerson / Greg Lake)
2. Fugue 1'57
(Keith Emerson)
3. The Endless Enigma
(Part II) 2'02
(Keith Emerson / Greg Lake)
4. From The Beginning 4'15
(Greg Lake)
5. The Sheriff 3'21
(Keith Emerson / Greg Lake)
6. Hoedown 3'45
(Aaron Copland)
Taken from Rodeo
7. Trilogy 8'51
(Keith Emerson / Greg Lake)
8. Living Sin 3'11
(Keith Emerson / Greg Lake / Carl Palmer)
9. Abaddon's Bolero 8'06
(Keith Emerson)

Total Time: 42:07

  • Keith Emerson - Hammond Organ C3, Steinway Piano, Zoukra, Moog Synthesizer III C, Mini Moog Model D
  • Greg Lake - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals
  • Carl Palmer - Percussion

    Produced by Greg Lake
    Arranged by EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER
    Eddie Offord - Production Engineer
    Mastered by Barry Diament
    Cover Design & Photography by HIPGNOSIS
    Tinting by Phil Crennell

    All Lyrics by Greg Lake

    Recorded at ADVISION

    A MANTICORE recording distributed by WEA RECORDS Ltd. 1972
    Sleeve Printed and Made in England by

    1. The Endless Enigma (Part I)

      Why do you stare
      Do you think that I care?
      You've been mislead
      By the thoughts in your head

      Your words waste and decay
      Nothing you say
      Reaches my ears anyway
      You never spoke a word of truth

      Why do you think
      I believe what you said
      Few of your words
      Ever enter my head

      I'm tired of liver for freaks?
      With tongues in their cheeks
      Turning their eyes as they speak
      They make me sick and tired

      Are you confused
      To the point in your mind
      Though you're blind
      Can't you see you're wrong
      Won't you refuse
      To be used
      Even though you may know
      I can see you're wrong
      Please, please, please open their eyes
      Please, please, please don't give me lies

      I loon? all of the earth
      Witness my birth
      Cried at the sight of a man
      And still I don't know who I am

      I've seen paupers as kings
      Puppets on strings
      Dance for the children who stare
      You must have seen them everywhere

    2. Fugue

      ( instrumental )

    3. The Endless Enigma (Part II)

      Each part was played
      Though the play was not shown
      Everyone came
      But they all sat alone

      The dawn opened the play
      Waking the day
      Causing a silent hooray
      The dawn will break another day

      Now that it's done
      Are we going to see the reason why I'm here

    4. From The Beginning

      There might have been things I missed
      But don't be unkind
      It don't mean I'm blind
      Perhaps there's a thing or two

      I think of lying in bed
      I shouldn't have said
      But there it is

      You see it's all clear
      You were meant to be here
      From the beginning

      Maybe I might have changed
      And not been so cruel
      Not been such a fool
      Whatever was done is done
      I just can't recall
      It doesn't matter at all

      You see it's all clear
      You were meant to be here
      From the beginning

    5. The Sheriff

      Wicked Josie rode away
      In the sunset covered sky
      A lynching mob had strung his friend up
      Right before his eyes
      He didn't know what they'd both done
      He sure as hell would end up one
      A hot tin notch on the sheriff's gun
      If he didn't move on
      Get out of here

      The sheriff followed Josie's journey
      From Kansas in the West
      He said he'd put a bullet right
      Through poor old Josie's chest
      But Josie wasn't like the rest
      He don't like bullet holes in his vest
      In fact he'd do his very best
      Don't want any arrest
      Don't want to be the guest
      Of the sheriff

      The nights got so damned cold
      He couldn't stand the pace
      He looked again for sheriff's men
      But couldn't see the chase
      Josie found a nice warm place
      But then the sheriff solved the case
      Hoped to find Josie's face
      And said lookie here...

      Sheriff rode him into town
      With Josie look inside
      He didn't know about the six-gun
      Wicked Josie had
      Then Josie drew his gun real fast
      Gave the sheriff one big blast
      And Josie was a song at last
      A legend from the past
      Nobody ever messed with the sheriff

    6. Hoedown

      I've tried to mend
      The love that ended
      Long ago although we still pretend
      Our love is surely coming to an end
      Don't waste the time you've got to love again

      We tried to lie
      But you and I
      Know better than to let each other lie
      The thought of lying to you makes me cry
      Counting up the time that's passed us by

      I've sent this letter hoping it will reach your hand
      And if it does I hope that you will understand

      That I must leave in a while
      And though I smile
      You know the smile is only there to hide
      What I'm really feeling deep inside
      Just a face where I can hang my pride

      Goodbye ...
      Goodbye ...

      We'll talk of places that we went
      And times that we have spent
      Together penniless and free

      You'll see the day another way
      And they could put the sunshine
      for a nighttime where you lay

      You're love began I don't know when
      But if you do I know that
      you'll be happy in the end

    7. Trilogy

      ( instrumental )

    8. Living Sin

      Will you stand up or will you freeze
      That savage woman make you please
      Turn your inside outside in
      Still you don't know where she has been
      Living sin

      Can't you see through
      She's going to realize the way to sound you

      Finely ground you

      Never cured by a one night lover
      Sell you
      Stories of a meeting with a younger brother
      All the people lyin' were just a blind cover
      No one
      Ever gonna pry her from a two-faced mother

      Can't you see through
      She's going to realize the way to sound you

      If you never saw it coming
      Hooked you up with Coca-Cola coming
      Nice and slippery

    9. Abaddon's Bolero

      ( instrumental )