No One's Words


1. The Show 5'32
Music: Omer Ephrat
Lyrics: Lior Seker
2. Haze 6'18
Music: Omer Ephrat
Lyrics: Nettermalm / Omer Ephrat
3. Better Than Anything 7'56
Music: Omer Ephrat
Lyrics: Lior Seker
4. Blocked 5'51
Music: Omer Ephrat
5. The Sum Of Damage Done (silhouttes i-V) 4'34
Music: Omer Ephrat
Lyrics: Daniel Gildenlow
6. Real (attempts I-3) 4'11
Music: Omer Ephrat
Lyrics: Seker / Ephrat

Total Time: 62:06

  • Omer Ephrat - Guitars (1-6), Keyboards and Keyboards Programming (1-6), Bass Guitars (4, 5), Additional Bass (3), Flute (1, 3, 4, 6), Electronics (5)
  • Gili Rosenberg - Bass Guitar (1-3, 5, 6)
  • David Segal - Double Bass (2)
  • Assaf Dar - Cello (2), Electronics (6)
  • Tafi Davidov - Trumpet (6)
  • Poran Baron - Trombone (6)
  • Tomer.Z - Drums (1-6)
  • Barak Ben-Tsur - Percussion (1, 5)
  • Lior Seker - Vocals (1. 3, 6)
  • Petronella Nettermalm - Vocals (2, 6)
  • Daniel Gildenlow - Vocals (5)
  • Ittai Frank - Baby Talk (6)

    Produced by Omer Ephrat
    Mixed and Mastered by Steven Wilson at
    Atwork Concept: Omer Ephrat, Mickey Roth & Dana Klein
    Artwork Design: Mickey Roth
    Photographs by Diana Nitschke, Rone Goldman, Aya Zakh
    Drums Edited by Yossi Hasson and Bill Tsur
    Percussion, Acoustic and 12-String Guitars, Brass, cello and double bass Edited by Asaaf Dar
    Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals Edited by Omer Ephrat

    I would like To Thank:
    The Ephrat family, the Ofir family, the Aron family, Uri Efrat, Assaf Dar, Nadav Shtopelman, Ofer Adler, Johnattan Balter (mermermer), Shuki Molk, Eyal Shchori, Shay Cohen, Ronen Zel, Everyone at Bardo, Asaf Davidi, Or Curt, Dani Schwarts, Yaron Rosenblum, Izzy Gaon.

    Special Thanks: Steven Wilson, Dana Klein, Aida Ephrat, Thomas Waber and all at INSIDEOUT

    Omer Ephrat uses GIBSON Guitars
    Tomer.z. uses PREMIER Drums, SABIAN Cymbals, VIC-FIRTH Sticks, and AQUARIAN Drumheads

    Recorded in Israel and Sweden between 2006-2008 at Studios:
    BARDO STUDIOS by Yossi Hasson, Erez Caspi and Bill Tsur
    EPHRAT STUDIOS by Omer Ephrat
    ASSAF DAR'S STUDIO by Assaf Dar

    GREED GENIE STUDIO (Stockholm) by Huxflux Nettermalm
    The FIVE LEGGED MONKEY by Daniel Gildenlow