Elton JOHN

The One


1. Simple Life 6'25
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
2. The One 5'54
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
3. Sweat It Out 6'38
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
4. Runaway Train 5'23
(Elton John / Olle Romeo)
5. Whitewash Country 5'31
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
6. The North 5'15
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
7. When A Woman Doesn't Want You 4'55
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
8. Emily 4'58
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
9. On Dark Street 4'45
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
10. Understanding Women 5'04
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
11. The Last Song 3'21
(Elton John / Bernie Taupin)

Total Time: 58:09

  • Elton John - Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Davey Johnstone - Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
  • Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
  • David Gilmour - Guitar
  • Adam Seymour - Guitar
  • Guy Babylon - Keyboards, Programming
  • Mark Taylor - Keyboards
  • Pino Palladino - Bass
  • Olle Romo - Percussion, Drums, Programming
  • Carole Fredericks - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Beckie Bell - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Nigel Olsson - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Kiki Dee - Vocals (bckgr)

    Chris Thomas - Producer
    Andy Bradfield - Assistant Engineer
    David Nicholas - Engineer
    Bernie Taupin - Lyricist
    Alex Firla - Assistant Engineer
    Andy Strange - Assistant Engineer
    Patrick Demarchelier - Photography

    1. Simple Life

      There's a breakdown on the runway
      And the timeless flights are gone
      I'm a year ahead of myself these days
      And I'm locomotive strong
      My city spread like cannon fire
      In a yellow nervous state
      I can't cut the ties that bind me
      To horoscopes and fate

      And I won't break and I won't bend
      But someday soon we'll sail away
      To innocence and the bitter end
      And I won't break and I won't bend
      And with the last breath we ever take
      We're gonna get back to the simple life again

      When we break out of this blindfold
      I'm gonna take you from this place
      Until we're free from this ball and chain
      I'm still hard behind the eight
      My city beats like hammered steel
      On a shallow cruel rock
      If we could walk proud after midnight
      We'd never have to stop

    2. The One

      I saw you dancing out the ocean
      Running fast along the sand
      A spirit born of earth and water
      Fire flying from your hands

      In the instant that you love someone
      In the second that the hammer hits
      Reality runs up your spine
      And the pieces finally fit

      And all I ever needed was the one
      Like freedom fields where wild horses run
      When stars collide like you and I
      No shadows block the sun
      You're all I've ever needed
      Baby you're the one

      There are caravans we follow
      Drunken nights in dark hotels
      When chances breathe between the silence
      Where sex and love no longer gel

      For each man in his time is Cain
      Until he walks along the beach
      And sees his future in the water
      A long lost heart within his reach

    3. Sweat It Out

      No ceiling on hard living
      Peace keepers keep on breathing
      Can't deny eye for eye
      It's open season
      Dictate to my reason
      She devils ruling Britain
      Hey girl stick it in your purse
      Call it treason

      Band aids on dead doorways
      No heroes in the Bat Cave
      Don't give me Tears For Fears
      Give me tears of rage
      Fires burn with black smoke
      Oil slicks put us on the ropes
      Man it's hard to handle
      When the bank's broke

      Don't kow-tow
      Don't bow down
      Loosen up
      Get the lead out
      Backs up let them shout
      Backs up sweat it out
      When your back's up
      Sweat it out
      Backs up
      Sweat it out

      Hope froze in the cold weather
      No ice on a greasy river
      Liberty and John Doe
      Stand and Shiver
      War waits when the lines form
      The baby sitter in a uniform
      Knocking down your door
      For your rice and corn

      No ceiling on hard living
      Peace keepers keep on breathing
      Can't deny eye for eye
      It's open season
      Dictate to my reason
      She devils ruling Britain
      Hey girl stick it in your purse
      Call it treason

    4. Runaway Train

      There's a hungry road I can only hope's
      Gonna eat me up inside
      There's a drifting spirit coming clean
      In the eye of a lifelong fire
      Tell Monday I'll be around next week
      I'm running ahead of my days
      In the shotgun chance that scattered us
      I've seen the error of my ways

      Well we've wrapped ourselves in golden crowns
      Like sun gods spitting rain
      Found a way home written on this map
      Like red dye in my veins
      In the hardest times that come around
      The fear of losing grows
      I've lost and seen the world shut down
      It's a darkness no one knows

      And I've poured out the pleasure and dealt with the pain
      Standing in a station waiting in the rain
      I'm starting to feel a little muscle again
      But love is lost like a runaway train
      Oh I'm out of control and out of my hands
      I'm tearing like a deamon through no man's land
      Trying to get a grip on my life again
      Nothing hits harder than a runaway train

    5. Whitewash Country

      Tonight it's hot down here
      I can almost smell the rain
      And I can almost taste the fear
      Behind your name
      Fans turning on the ceiling
      I feel sticky as a chili dog
      White boys howling in the evening
      On that hollow log

      Tall tales down the river
      Say we aim to bury the truth
      But the right hand just delivered
      The devil in a suit

      And he talks big in Whitewash county
      Talks sweet as sugar cane
      Got a past that's filled with lightning
      Got a future filled with rain

      Bug buzzing in an empty glass
      Fiddle scratching some lazy tune
      We're just some place that history passed
      New dust, new broom
      And it's a high hot buttered moon
      He's got a shiny new wax face
      Swears the South's gonna rise again soon
      All over the place

      Rain down on Whitewash county
      Smell the air coming up the line
      Well you've changed your face so often
      But you never change your mind

    6. The North

      Have you seen the North
      That cold grey place
      Don't want its shadow anymore
      On my face
      A man grows bitter
      We're a bitter race
      Some of us never get to see
      A better place

      In the Northern Skies
      There was a steel cloud
      It used to follow me around
      But I don't see it now
      There's a farm in the rain
      And a little farmhouse
      There were a young man's eyes
      Looking south

      The North was my mother
      But I no longer need her
      You trade your roots and your dust
      For a face in the river

      And a driven rain that washes you
      To a different shore
      There's a North in us all
      But my North can't hold me anymore

    7. When A Woman Doesn't Want You

      She may be lost
      She may be out of bounds
      All her tenderness and charms
      Could be something
      A man like me has never found
      But in her woman's way
      She's still a little girl
      The things that she wants
      The things that she needs
      Oh well the choice is hers

      'Cause you can't take a woman
      When she doesn't want you
      And you can't be a man
      If you're blind to reason
      Man might be strong
      But true love is stronger
      You gotta play it straight
      When a woman doesn't want you

      Her voice invites
      Her eyes say more than words
      But her needs and complications
      Can tear away
      The memory of last night's girl
      And if you're weak
      Yeah we're all weak sometime
      The best things can wait
      The best times they come
      Oh when strength is kind

      And if you can't read her
      Leave her alone
      And if you don't know by now
      She's not someone's prize
      And you can't take her home

    8. Emily

      The church bells ring out morning glory
      When summer bends to the winter's rage
      Emily walks through the cemetery
      Passed a dog in an unmarked grave
      The old girl hobbles, nylons sagging
      Talks to her sisters in the ground
      SONG: I saw a lie in the mirror this morning
      I heard a prophesy all around

      And Emily they come and go
      The shadows and the distant sounds
      But Emily don't be afraid
      When the weight of angels weighs you down

      Emily prays to a faded hero
      In a little frame clutched to her gown
      Hears the voice of promise in his memory
      SONG: Tonight's the night they let the ladder down
      In a cage sits a gold canary
      By a wicker chair and a rosewood loom
      As a soul ascends aboard the evening
      Canary sings to an empty room

    9. On Dark Street

      I'm staring down a mile of disappearing track
      Is this the best that we could do
      I'm leaning through the rain but you ain't looking back
      What did I ever have to prove

      'Cause it feels like electricity hitting an open field
      When am I ever gonna to learn
      Married life's two people trying to grab the wheel

      Oh and we must have got lost
      Living on Dark Street
      Looking for an exit
      Sleeping on the concrete
      You can't see it with your eyes
      You can't find it with your feet
      All I know is that we're lost baby
      And we're living on Dark Street

      All the layoffs and the pay cuts cripple me inside
      I pay the price for living everyday
      Trying to keep us all together along with a little pride
      What'll it take to make you stay?

      But I've dreamed about an island
      And all I got's a bucket of sand
      I'd give my eyes to give you all your dreams
      Now I get to see my family slipping through my hands

    10. Understanding Women

      Rolling over trying to sleep
      And understanding women
      Thinking of you out there somewhere
      Looking for a new beginning

      Just let me be the final word
      In the book we haven't written
      I won't be another page
      In understanding women

      I could drive to Mexico
      On understanding women
      Throw myself against the waves
      And answer up to heaven

      How come her heart's so stubborn
      And what's so wrong with giving
      Ask the big sky talking
      About understanding women

      And I'm not just anyone who ever stood outside your door
      And I'm not any man you've ever known before
      Don't judge this picture by the frame
      Every man is not the same
      Some men reach beyond the pain
      Of understanding women

    11. The Last Song

      Yesterday you came to lift me up
      As light as straw and brittle as a bird
      Today I weigh less than a shadow on the wall
      Just one more whisper of a voice unheard

      Tomorrow leave the windows open
      As fear grows please hold me in your arms
      Won't you help me if you can to shake this anger?
      I need your gentle hands to keep me calm

      'Cause I never thought I'd lose
      I only thought I'd win
      I never dreamed I'd feel
      This fire beneath my skin
      I can't believe you love me
      I never thought you'd come
      I guess I misjudged love
      Between a father and his son

      Things we never said come together
      The hidden truth no longer haunting me
      Tonight we touched on the things that were never spoken
      That kind of understanding sets me free