Supper's Ready


1. Watcher Of The Skies 6'50
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutherford / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel / Steve Hackett)
Performed by Robert BERRY and HUSH
Produced & Arranged by Robert Berry
Instrumentation on Introduction by Robert Beriy
Recorded & Mixed at SOUNDTEK STUDIOS, Campbell, CA
2. Firth Of Fifth 9'26
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutherford / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel / Steve Hackett}
The "Don't Fix It If It Ain't Broke" Mix
Produced by Don GARBUTT
Produced and Engineered by Kevin Gilbert at LAWNMOWER & GARDEN SUPPLIES, Pasadena, CA
Recorded June 95 at STREET BROTHERS STUDIOS, Toronto
Engineered by John Carr
Executive Producer - Dave Kirby
Artist Representation -The AGENCY GROUP, New York City
3. Undertow 4'42
(Tony Banks)
Performed by David HENTSCHEL with Jay TAUSIG
Produced by David Hentschel and Jay Tausig for RAISED ROOF PRODUCTIONS
Engineered by Scott Robertson
Recorded at MUZIC UNLIMITED, Bronx, NY and somewhere in London
Thank You to ENSONIQ for the keyboards
4. Ripples 4'49
(Peter Banks / Mike Rutherford)
Performed By Annie HASLAM
Produced by David Biglin, Annie Haslam & Denny Bridges
Engineered by Denny Bridges
Thanks to Marc Hoffman, Milan and Sandra Billy and Matt Billy
5. Back In N.Y.C. 6'38
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutherford / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel / Steve Hackett)
Performed by Kevin GILBERT
Produced and Engineered by Kevin Gilbert at LAWNMOWER & GARDEN SUPPLIES, Pasadena, CA
Dennis Hill - 2nd Engineer
Mike Keneally appears Courtesy of IMMUNE RECORDS
6. For Absent Friends 3'12
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutherford / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel / Steve Hackett)
Performed by Richard SINCLAIR
Arranged and Produced by Richard Sinclair at ELSEWHERE STUDIOS, 3 July 95, Canterbury
England Engineered by Gus Hilton
Richard Sinclair appears Courtesy of SINCLAIR SONGS
7. Mama 6'51
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutherford / Phil Collins)
Performed and Produced by MAGELLAN
Engineered by Trent Gardner
Recorded and Mixed at STUDIO SASQUATCH, July 95
A Special Thanks to GENESIS (Past and Present) for the inspiration their music has left in its wake.
Also thanks to Executive Producers Pete Mortieelli and Mike Varney at Magna Carta
8. Man Of Our Times 5'37
(Mike Rutherford)
Performed by ENCHANT
Produced & Mixed by Douglas A. Ott and Bob Madsen
Engineered by Bob Madsen
Recorded and Mixed at HIGHLANDER Co. STUDIO, Pacheco, CA
ENCHANT Thanks: Bob, Daphne, Kayleigh, Logan, Maxx and Selina Madsen, Highlander Co. STUDIO, Pete Mortieelli and all at Magna Carta, Ron Cataldo, Robin Ott, Spawn, The Tick, Alesis and GENESIS for inspiration.
9. Many Too Many 2'59
(Tony Banks)
Performed by Pete BARDENS "Mirage"
Produced by Pete Bardens
Engineered by Eric Fahiborg
Recorded at TRAX STUDIO, Hollywood, CA, 5 & 11 July 95
Executive Producers & Management - Shawn Ahearn/
Sami Kaneda for PANGEA MUSIC Int'l, Long Beach, CA
10. Entangled 6'19
(Steve Hackett / Tony Banks)
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Carl Cadden-James at SHADOW GALLERY STUDIOS
11. Squonk 6'29
(Mike Rutherford / Tony Banks)
Performed by CAIRO
Co-Produced by Brockman, Fuhrman and Robertson
Engineered and Mixed by Brockman and Fuhrman at CAIROWEST STUDIOS, Marin County, CA
12. Carpet Crawlers 4'04
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutlieiford / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel / Steve Hackett)
Performed by John GOODSALL with Michael ZENTNER
Produced by Michael Zentner
Engineered and Mixed b Dave Jenkins
13. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) 4'06
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutherford / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel / Steve Hackett)
Performed by CRACK THE SKY
Produced by John Palumbo, Rich Cox and Jeff Green
Engineered by Rich Cox
Recorded at "Nashville". Mount Holly, New Jersey
Special Thanks To Nash Cohen, Jerry Love and Peter Mortieelli
14. Keep It Dark 5'24
(Tony Banks / Mike Rutherford / Phil Collins)
Performed by WORLD TRADE
Recorded and Produced by Billy Sherwood
Recorded and Mixed at The OFFICE, Van Nuvs, CA
WORLD TRADE would like to Thank ART, AKG, Gibson, DW Drums and Zildjian
Premastering by Rob Lavaque

Total Time: 77:26

  • Robert Berry - Vocals (1), Bass and Rbythm Guitar (1)
  • Paul Keller - Lead Guitar (1)
  • MikeWible - Keyboards (1)
  • Roger Bonasera - Drams (1)
  • Gene Perrault - Percussion (1)
  • Greg Bennett - Guitars (2)
  • Sue Bennett - Keyboards and Vocals (2)
  • Paul Marangoni - Percussion (2)
  • Gene Stout - Bass Guitar (2)
  • Marc Leveilie - Lead Vocals (2)
  • David Hentschel - Keyboards (3)
  • Jay Tausig- Vocals and Guitars (3)
  • Daniel Todd Carter - Drums (3)
  • Annie Haslam - Lead and Background Voeals (4)
  • David Biglin - Arrangement, Instruments, Background Vocals (4)
  • Kevin Gilbert - Vox, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Cellos, Recorder (5)
  • Mike Keueally - Guitars, Kalimba, Bell Piano, Recorder (5)
  • Toby Holmes - Trombone Solo (5)
  • Nick D'Virgilio - Drums, Backing Vox (5)
  • Richard Sinclair - Vocals (6)
  • David Rees-Williams - Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards (6)
  • Trent Gardner - Lead Vocal and Keyboards (7)
  • Wayne Gardner - Guitars and Taurus Pedals (7)
  • Roger Patterson - Drums and Percussion (7)
  • Douglas A. Ott - Guitars and Keys (8)
  • Paul Craddick - Drums (8)
  • Ed Piatt - Bass (8)
  • Ted Leonard - Voice (8)
  • Stevie Adams -Guitar (9)
  • Pete Bardens - Keyboards (9)
  • Desha Dunnahoe - Bass (9)
  • Nick D'Virgilio - Lead Vocals and Drums (9)
  • Mike Baker - Vocals (10)
  • Brendt Allman - Guitar (10)
  • Gary Wehrkamp - Guitar (10)
  • Chris Ingles - Piano (10)
  • Carl Cadden-James - Backing Vocals (10)
  • Mark Robertson - Keyboards (11)
  • Alec Fuhrman - Guitars (11)
  • Rob Fordyce - Bass (11)
  • Jeff Brockman - Drums (11)
  • Bret Douglas - Lead Voeals (11)
  • John Palumbo - Keyboards, Guitar, Lead Voice (11)
  • Ian Palumbo - Guitar, Backing Vocals (12)
  • Tim Deaner - Backing Vocals (12)
  • Dr. Maurice Hayes -Narration (12)
  • John Goodsall - Guitar (13)
  • Michael Zentner - Vocals (13)
  • Tommy Mars - Keyboards (13)
  • Jeff Berlin - Bass (13)
  • Tos Panos - Drams (13)
  • Parr - Backing Vocals (13)
  • Susan Willett - Backing Vocals (13)
  • Billy Sherwood - Vocals, Bass, Guitar and Keyboards (14)
  • Jay Schellen - Drums (14)

    Executive Producers: Peter Morticelli And Mike Varney
    Cover Art by Mitchell Hartman /
    Package Design by

    1995 MAGNA CARTA

    Whither GENESIS? Many aficionados of this seminal progressive band will suggest that the stadium juggernaut assaulting pop charts under the wingoftunesmith Phil Collins has all but abandoned its incredibly adventurous legacy. Perhaps so. But it also can be argued that the essential creative spark of vintage GENESIS lives, breathes and kicks serious musical butt as vitally as it did a quarter century ago.
    The unique formula brewed by 1970s-era GENESIS remains a fundamental reference point in the continuing saga ofprog-rock's second golden age. There are scores ofneo-progressive artists worldwide who not only perpetuate the GENESIS mystique but have used its music as a launching pad to glorious new achievements.
    So what indispensable qualities elevated GENESIS from art-rock cult oddity to its lofty status as World's Most Influential Progressive Rock Band? The "formula" begins with vocalist Peter Gabriel's dynamically surreal and theatrical approach to storytelling, considered avant garde for its time. Add the trademark whirlwind synth colorings of Tony Banks; the alternately athletic and soothing guitars of Steve Hackett, Daryl Steurmer and Michael Rutherford; plus the prodigious talents of percussionists Collins, Bill Bruford and Chester Thompson. Then wrap the mix in lengthy, multi-segment tracks with tightly arranged melodic themes dancing from electric to acoustic and back again. Toss in a dash or two of classical pomp and folk andyou've got a potent musical recipe that is complexyet accessible, and continues to push the progressive envelope through various interpreters.
    The performances on this album recapture and once again define, as a loving tribute, that timeless GENESIS spirit. Truly, GENESIS was/is a band for the ages. Enjoy... "Supper's Ready".
    - John Collinge, Editor, Progression magazine