Guitar Battle


1. Train Kept A Rollin' 7'22
(Tiny Bradshaw / Howie Kay / Lois Mann)
2. Something 5'36
(George Harrison)
3. Memphis 5'25
(Chuck Berry)
4. Purple Rain 9'13
(Prince Rodgers Nelson / Prince/PSD)
5. Mambo King 4'55
(Al Pitrelli)
6. Birdland 7'04
(Josef Zawinul)

Total Time: 39:35

  • Steve Morse (1-3) - GUITAR : Ernie Ball Music Man Steve Morse Model
    AMPS: Marshall Silver Jubilee Head, Peavey cabinet with Scorpion speaker
    EFFECTORS: Evetide GTR 4000 and a little delay
    OTHER: Shure 58 vocal mike
  • Reb Beach (1, 2, 5, 6) - GUITAR: Ibanez Blazer
    AMPS: Marshall Silver Jubilee Head, Mesa /Boogie 4X12 cabinet
    EFFECTORS: DigiTech Whammy Pedal, Boss Super Distortion
  • John Petrucci (2, 4, 6) - GUITAR: IbanezJPM100
    PICK UPS: DiMarzio Steve's Special (bridge), DiMarzio Norton Light (neck)
    STRINGS:D'Addario 0.10-0.46 PICK: Jim Dunlop Jazz III
    AMPS: Mesa/Boogie Mark III C+, Mesa/Boogie 4X12 Rectifies cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30's
    OTHERS: Alesis Adat, Mackie 24X 8 board, Lexicon PCM-80, Shure SM 57
  • Al Pitrelli - Rhythm Guitar (1-6)
  • Andy Timmons (3-5) - GUITARS: Custom Ibanez, Ibanez GB10
    AMPS: Laney VH100R into Mesa /Boogie Rectifier 2X12 (30w Celestions), Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Plus
    PICK: Jim Dunlop H3
    STRINGS:D'Addario 0.10-0.46
    EFFECTORS: PCM 70 Delay at the board, Shure SM57 on the cabinet
  • George Lynch (1, 6) - GUITARS: ESP Tiger Guitar, ESP Guitar
    AMPS: Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Soloist head, Genz Benz cabinet
    EFFECTORS: Chandler Digital Echo, Boss Distortion, Boss Chorus
  • Michael Lee Firkins (1-3, 6) - GUITAR: Yamaha USA- 2 Pacifica
    AMPS: Marshall 100w JMP Slash Signature, Marshall 1960 4X12 cabinet
    EFFECTORS: Ibanez Tube Screamer, Roland GP-1
  • Brad Gillis (2-5) - GUITAR: Gibson '67 Les Paul Custom with Original Floyd Rose
    AMPS: Marshall 50w Red head (modified), Marshall bottom with 30w Vintage Celestion speakers, Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC, Marshall cabinet
  • Danny Miranda - Bass (1-6)
  • John O'Reilly - Drums (1-6)

    Produced by John Stix & Nat Kusano (SHINKO MUSIC U.S.A.)
    Mixed & Engineered by Paul Orofino
    Executive Producer: Shoo Kusano
    Cover Illustration : Heath Miller
    Photographs: Hideo Kojima
    Art Direction : Kazuhisa Fujita

    Special Thanks from Al Pitrelli : Donna, Jesse, Jamie, Zack and all the rest of my family. Paul O'Neill of SAVATAGE, Mike Adam and all at Krebs Communication, Labella Morley, ART, Peavey, Gibson, Korg, Marshall - thanx for all your support. John & Nat for putting this together and all the great players who made this happen.
    Special Thanks from John Stix : Shoo Kusano for the opportunity, Nat for the support, Andi, Jacquie and Kaylee for the time, Al Pitrelli for the sauce, and all the musicians who gave of their talents and made this much more than just another "project".
    Special Thanks from Nat Kusano : Jonas Herbsman