featuring Marc Bonilla


THE HOUSE OF OCEAN BORN MARY (inspired by a ghost story from Marion Lowndes)

1. Ignition 1'41

(Keith Emerson / Marc Bonilla)
2. 1st Presence 0'37
(Keith Emerson)
3. Last Horizon 2'33
(Keith Emerson)
4. Miles Away Part 1 1'54
(Marc Bonilla)
5. Miles Away Part 2 2'15
(Marc Bonilla)
6. Crusaders Cross 1'14
(Keith Emerson)
7. Fugue 0'36
(Keith Emerson)
8. 2nd Presence 0'19
(Keith Emerson)
9. Marche Train 6'12
(Keith Emerson / Marc Bonilla)
10. Blue Inferno 1'12
(Keith Emerson)
11. 3rd Presence 1'07
(Keith Emerson)
12. Prelude To A Hope 2'23
(Keith Emerson)
13. A Place To Hide 4'26
(Marc Bonilla)
14. Miles Away Part 3 2'31
(Marc Bonilla)
15. Finale 5'56
(Keith Emerson / Marc Bonilla)
16. The Art Of Falling Down 3'30
(Keith Emerson / Marc Bonilla)
17. Malambo
(from "Estancia Suite") 5'33
(Alberto Ginastera)
Adapted by Keith Emerson
18. Gametime 2'39
(Keith Emerson / Marc Bonilla)
19. The Parting 4'44
(Marc Bonilla)

Total Time: 51:22

  • Keith Emerson - Concert Grand Piano, Hammond C3 Organ, Custom MOOG Modular Synth, KORG OASYS, Pipe Organ, Reaktor, Diatonic Accordion, Slide Whistle, Vocals
  • Marc Bonilla - 6 & 12-String Guitars, Lead Vocals, Bass, Reaktor, Harmonica
  • Bob Birch - Bass
  • Travis Davis - Bass on "The Parting", Harmony Vocals. JoeTravers: Drums on'The Art Of Falling Dowh". Keith Wechsler: Jew's harp on "Gametime". Nathanial Bonilla: Recorder on 'The Parting"
  • Gregg Bissonette - Drums, Percussion

    Produced by Marc Bonilla and Keith Wechsler
    Engineered by Marc Greene
    Additional Engineering by Marc Bonilla and Keith Wechsler
    Mixed by Keith Wechsler at
    The GREENE ROOM, Assisted by Marc Greene
    Mastered by Robert Hadley at
    The MASTERING LAB in Ojai, California
    Programming by Keith Emerson, Marc Bonilla, Steve Porcaro and Keith Wechsler

    All Selections Published by EMERSONGS Ltd. (BMI PRS) and BLUE CORNER MUSIC (ASCAP)
    Except "Malambo" Published by
    BOOSEY & HAWKES, Inc. (ASCAP) 2008

    Recorded at The GREENE ROOM in Los Anqeles

    1. Ignition


    2. 1st Presence


    3. Last Horizon


    4. Miles Away Pt 1

      Miles away
      I see the trails of level flight
      I'm half to btame
      I saw no gain in gaining sight

      And on it goes
      We chase the rolling light
      And find it safe
      To feel alive

    5. Miles Away Pt 2

      I'm praying for a band of fallen angels
      So beautiful
      I'm lonely for the touch of perfect strangers
      A tale of paradise to own

      For one night
      Fire reigns
      And swallowed like a dream
      it ieaves another

      I'm running from
      The burning bridge
      Behind me
      Too numb to fly
      I'm running from the
      Burning man inside me
      Cause what you steal, you steal alone

      Contagious lies
      Feed the flame
      Hearts fracture like a stone
      And bleed us all the same

    6. Crusaders Cross


    7. Fugue


    8. 2nd Presence


    9. Marche Train

      Born in a freefall
      Raised with a primal scream
      Found unconscious
      Living out a million dreams

      Paying for a rainbow
      With the wages of sin
      And do whatever it is you do
      To never have to fail again

      And I do think maybe it's an act of God
      When the dark clouds thunder in your own backyard
      Then the fools wtil run and the skies will rain
      Maybe it's better

      Hollow man with a purpose living on borrowed time
      No way to cool these brakes looking for the perfect rhyme

      Too late for pulling off a coup de' etat on the seventh day
      Playing deaf and blind when the truth comes home
      Waiting on the judgment day

    10. Blue Inferno


    11. 3rd Presence


    12. Prelude To A Hope


    13. A Place To Hide

      Missed you at the table
      Telling how the world was round
      Fable after fable
      Lost and turned around
      Cold beneath the ground

      Laughing with the devils
      Skipping on the seas of chance
      The playing fields were level
      Until I got the news

      If I could be near you
      If I could hear you
      Maybe these fears of mine would fall away

      I need a place to hide
      And I need a face to smile upon a frozen world
      And that's all we ever have to be

      Appeared out of a blue day
      Proved just how it all could fly
      Shook hands with the shadows of doubt
      And held them to the sky

      If I could see you
      Then I could free you
      And maybe these cares in time would crawl away

      I need a place to hide
      And I need a space where I can tpuch the gplden girl
      And I need a that's all I ever wanted to see

      And I need a place to hide
      And I need a face to smile upon a frozen world
      And that's all we ever have to be
      To be ...

    14. Miles Away Pt 3

      So on it goes
      These tales of frozen life
      And finally cure ourselves
      In time

    15. Finale


    16. The Art Of Falling Down

      Falling down ...

      Well, you can jump the guns and corners
      To save your place
      It'll never hide the guilt that's on your face
      And you can duck and dodge and scramble
      And make that sound
      It'll never match the art of falling down

      Wishing it away will call them all to stay

      Well you blame the slings and arrows
      That curse this fate
      And it still won't shave the cost of coming late
      Never a clean escape
      Becoming what you hate

      And you can justify the cause and nail a cross to it
      But you need to get lost to get you found
      And it's a long drink of faith 'till you believe it
      And you come across the art of falling down

      Turning it away invites them alt to stay

      You can light yourself a candle to ease your pain
      It'll never find the song to sing your name
      Ain't it a burning shame
      Enough to drive you sane

      Chasing it away will all then back to play

      You can fly your righteous angels
      On a golden chain
      But it's a harder fall than landing on your blade
      And ˇou can call it by its name and put an end to it
      But it'll never change the art of falling down

      Falling down ...

    17. Malambo


    18. Gametime

      Running down the white line
      Drumming up a pastime
      Throwing a pink tirade
      Along came a spider
      And sat down beside her and said
      What you got to trade?

      My raison d'etre is bringing back summer
      As long as you can take the heat
      Well, it's gametime

      Bottom feeders and catholic cheaters
      Busting with feminine riches
      Who could resist that perfect kiss
      But I don't need to rip these stitches
      All her norths are going south
      Shame it ain't followed by her mouth
      Cause it gametime

      Running low on fallen angels to carry this weight
      Too much rhyme and not much reason
      And too much on my plate

      Raised from two in royal blue
      But we know that doij don't hunt
      Bleeding red in the corner from ol' Jack Horner
      The only thing to do is punt

      Nothing ventured is nothing spent
      But you can bend back far enough to pay the rent
      When it's gametime

      Walking through that fire
      Just to keep from getting cold
      The pitch is sharp and getting hight
      Hope my luck still holds

      Off the chain with both barrels pointed
      Changing Jackie Brown
      Clean, anointed and double-jointed
      Arguing the whole way down

      Nobody here's seen nothing like it
      I believe they've got a point
      And it's gametime

    19. The Parting

      A cold wind has frozen over our chances
      And our reason
      All is solid rain now
      And karma's on the run

      Say what you want to say
      Don't be careless with your freedom
      The pain has all been gain now
      And still it's not enough

      My mind is waiting
      Waiting for you

      Home is a faded dream
      When the silence changes no one
      A blade of faith is all now
      We hang our parting on

      My heart is waiting
      Waiting for you
      Waiting ... waiting ... watting ... watting ...