No Substitutions: Live In Osaka


1. The Pump 14'28
(Tony Hymas / Simon Phillips)
2. Don't Give It Up 6'38
(Larry Carlton)
3. (It Was) Only Yesterday 12'09
(Larry Carlton)
4. All Blues 14'07
(Miles Davis)
5. Room 335 5'06
(Larry Carlton)

Total Time: 52:28

  • Larry Carlton - Guitar (Left side)
  • Steve Lukather - Guitar (Right side)
  • Rick Jackson - Keyboards
  • Chris Kent - Bass
  • Gregg Bissonette - Drums

    Produced by Steve Vai and Steve Lukather
    Recording Engineer: Yoshiyasu Kumada
    Assisted by Takeshi Sasaki
    Mixing & Editing Engineers: Steve Vai and Neil Citron
    Second Engineer: Mark Dawson
    Psycho Acoustical Spiritual Guidance: Matt ResnicofF
    Photographs: Robert Knight, Ken Bbustein, Kenju Uyama
    Design & Cover Illustration: Gins Zangia for Imagination
    Art Direction & Production: Ken Blaustein
    Crew: Sonny Abelardo - House Mixer / Album Coordinator / Tour Manager
    Ric "Reg" Britton - Guitar Tech for Steve Lukather / Stage Manager
    Josh Henson - Guitar Tech for Larry Carlton / Bass Tech
    Management: Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Hartley and Sonny Abelardo

    Special Thanks To:
    Christian Ver, Halch and Seiko Konishita, Masato Kitaguchi, Seiji, Keita, Keiko,

    Endorsements for Luke:

    Thanks To Sterling "Biff" Ball, Curt Managan and the entire Staff of Music Man, Ernie Ball for the best guitars and strings;
    Paul Rivera Sr. and Paul Rivera Jr. for the BONEHEAD Amps;
    Check it out, as it's what you're hearing SHURE Mics and wireless systems;
    tc. Electronic; Bob Bradshaw & CUSTOM AUDIO ELECTRONICS.

    Larry Carlton would like to Thank Steve Vai and the FAVORED NATIONS staff for taking this project on and beyond;

    Luke, Rick Jackson, Greg Bissonette and Chris Kent for their music and friendship;
    Ric Button and josh Henson for great tech support;
    Sonny Abelardo for putting it together;
    and Michele, Katie and Travis for their love and support