Sapphire Blue


1. Friday Night Shuffle 4'25
(Larry Carlton)
2. A Pair Of Kings 5'51
(Larry Carlton)
3. Night Sweats 8'11
(Larry Carlton)
4. Sapphire Blue 8'16
(Larry Carlton)
5. 7 For You 5'05
(Larry Carlton)
6. Slightly Dirty 5'53
(Larry Carlton)
7. Just An Excuse 5'09
(Larry Carlton)
8. Take Me Down 5'41
(Larry Carlton)

Total Time: 48:31

  • Larry Carlton - Guitar
  • Matt Rollings - Fender Rhodes
  • Reese Wynans - B-3 Organ
  • Jim Horn - Horn Arrangements & Bariton Sax & Solos
  • Mark Douthit - Tenor Sax
  • Chris Dunn - Trombone
  • Steve Patrick - Trumpet
  • Terry McMillan - Harmonica
  • Michael Rhodes - Bass
  • Billy Kilson - Drums
  • Eric Darken - Percussion

    Produced by Larry Carlton
    Engineered & Mixed by Csaba Petocz
    Mixed at
    The PANIC ROOM, Los Angeles, California
    Assistant tracking Engineer Todd Gunnerson
    Horns Recorded at
    The SOUND SHOP, Nashville, Tennessee
    Engineered by Mark Capps
    Additional Engineering at
    The PANIC ROOM by Aldo Ruggiero
    Photography by Jim McGuire
    Sonny Abelardo - Coordination
    Jack Frisch - Art Direction

    All Songs Written by Larry Carlton

    Recorded at The SOUND KITCHEN, Nashville, Tennessee

    Special Thanks To David Weyner, Larry Hamby Nathan Sedlander and to all of the musicians and engineers who gave so freely to this project.

    Love to Michele, Travis, Kate and Ryan

    I have wanted for many years to do a blues-oriented CD. For Sapphire Blue, I had complete creative freedom. It is a big part of my spirit captured on CD. I hope that all who listen will feel my joy.

    - Larry

    This CD is dedicated to my Granddaughter "McKenzie" 19 monthes old (whose birthstone is a Sapphire)
    PapPaw loves You very much