Patrick MORAZ - Bill BRUFORD



1. Temples Of Joy 4'54
(Patrick Moraz)
2. Split Seconds 4'43
(Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford)
3. Karu 3'47
(Patrick Moraz)
4. Impromptu, Too! 3'38
(Patrick Moraz)
5. Flags 4'30
(Patrick Moraz)
6. Machines Programmed By Genes 5'18
(Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford)
7. The Drum Also Waltzes 2'55
(Max Roach)
8. Infra Dig 3'15
(Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford)
9. A Way With Words 1'37
(Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford)
10. Everything You've Heard Is True 6'17
(Patrick Moraz / Bill Bruford)

Bonus Tracks (live)

11. Eastern Sundays 7'28

(Patrick Moraz)
12. Children's Concerto 5'05
(Patrick Moraz)
13. Galatea 6'34
(Patrick Moraz)

Total Time: 60:01

  • Patrick Moraz - Steinway D Concert Grand, Kurzweil 250
  • Bill Bruford - Acoustic & Electronic Drums, Percussion

    Produced by Bill Bruford and Patrick Moraz
    Engineers - Barry Radman, Jean Ristori
    Technical Assistance - Errol Maibach
    Mixed by Barry Radman
    Remastered by Nick Smith
    Design and Art Direction - Rob O'Connor for Stylo Rouge
    Photography - Gered Mankowitz
    Judo Consultant - Howard Lester
    Considerable thanks to all at
    TAMA Drums, PAISTE Cymbals and Gong.
    Also Diane, Carolyne and Karu.

    Recorded at AQUARIUS STUDIOS, Geneva, Switzerland, January 1985

    Bonus Tracks Recorded At LAFOREY MUSEUM, Tokyo, July 4 1985


    On the original CD release, there is a credit "Themes and Arrangement: MORAZ", but it is unclear whether this refers to Track (10) alone or the whole album. No separate credits are given for the Live Bonus Tracks, but it's clearly MORAZ on Piano and Synth and BRUFORD on Drums and Percussion.


    "He used to be a rock guy, all guitars and electric, and now he's a jazz guy, all saxophones and acoustic". Or so at least goes the rather simplistic shorthand for those who have been good enough to consider my recorded output since 1977. While, for the musician, such distinctions may appear hopelessly old-fashioned, it is, as they say, the way the world works. Back here at the ranch, it seems to me the case that a number of listeners who had hitherto derived pleasure from the music of Holdsworth, Stewart, Berlin, Mom et al, were unintentionally left behind in the watershed year of 1987 with the arrival of Earthworks, and musicians with less familiar names and smaller amplifiers, like Bates, Ballamy, Garland, and Hamilton. Quite simply, we lost those good listeners and they lost us, for no good reason anyone can think of, and here's the way to reconnect.

    WINTERFOLD RECORDS exists, in the first instance, to re-issue re-mastered and expanded versions of my first 7 CDs up to the 1987 watershed. Similarly, SUMMERFOLD RECORDS has been created to re-issue re-mastered and expanded versions of my work since 1987, together with current and future recordings. Perhaps as importantly, the two labels will serve as shop windows for each other. Those who enjoyed my work up 1987, but got nervous at the word "jazz" ( a word that can make anyone nervous ) will get a tree sampler of the delights to be found on Summerfold when they buy a Winterfold CD. Conversely, those who are happy with the acoustic stuff, and younger listeners who maybe unaware that I had a life before Earthworks, will, with any Summerfold purchase*, get an equally free sampler of the noisier existence I used to lead before 1987. So the fans of each label will get a look at the delights on the other side of the fence, which was never intentionally erected in the first place. Simple, no?

    Both labels are currently (2004) distributed globally by Voiceprint UK www.voiceprint. You'll probably find Winterfold in the Rock / Popular section of the record store, and Summerfold in the Jazz section, but if you don't have any luck there, the output of both labels will be well stocked in the on-line store at

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    * "Random Acts of Happiness"