Live In Salt Lake City


1. Cetera Overture: 6'50
a) Questions 67 & 68
(Robert Lamm)
b) After All
(Dean Pitchford / Tom Snow)
c) If You Leave Me Now
(Peter Cetera)
d) Glory Of Love
(Peter Cetera / David Foster / Diane Nini)
e) Baby What A Big Surprise
(Peter Cetera)
f) Get Away
(Peter Cetera / David Foster / Robert Lamm)
2. No Explanation 4'05
(David Foster / Linda Thompson-Jenner / Bill LaBounty / Beckie Foster)
From the motion picture soundtrack "Pretty Woman"
3. Baby What A Big Surprise 3'20
(Peter Cetera)
From "Chicago XI"
4. Glory Of Love 5'05
(Peter Cetera / David Foster)
From "Solitude / Solitaire" (soundtrack from "The Karate Kid Part II")
5. If You Leave Me Now 5'12
(Peter Cetera)
From "Chicago X"
6. After All 3'56
(Dean Pitchford / Tom Snow)
From "You're The Inspiration: Collection" (love theme from "Chances Are")
7. Restless Heart 3'57
(Peter Cetera / Andy Hill)
From "World Falling Down"
8. Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Get Away 5'15
(Peter Cetera / David Foster)
From "Chicago 16"
9. Feels Like Heaven 5'18
(Mark Goldenberg / Kit Hain)
From "World Falling Down"
10. Even A Fool Can See 5'09
(Peter Cetera / Mark Goldenberg)
From "World Falling Down"
11. Remember The Feeling 4'50
(Peter Cetera / Bill Champlin)
From "Chicago 17"
12. One Good Woman 4'15
(Peter Cetera / Patrick Leonard)
From "One More Story"
13. The Next Time I Fall 3'57
(Bobby Caldwell / Paul Gordon)
From "Solitude / Solitair"
14. You're The Inspiration 4'24
(Peter Cetera / David Foster)
From "Chicago 17"
15. 25 Or 6 To 4 3'52
(Robert Lamm)
From "Chicago II"
16. Have You Ever Been In Love 3'56
(Andy Hill / Peter Sinfield / John Danter)
From "World Falling Down"

Total Time: 73:21

The era of the late 1960s saw an unprecedented period of musical creativity, with the developments in lyrical standards through the work of Bob Dylan, in guitar-based rock from the example of The BEATLES, right through to all kinds of experimentations with sounds from India, Africa, classical music and, significantly here, jazz. Two new bands, BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS and, to a greater commercial extent, CHICAGO, broke the mould by including brass sections in their music and succeeded in blending a fuller format, using a jazz base, with tuneful pop and powerful rock to create something brand new: jazz/rock, or fusion as it was sometimes called, was born.

The concert presented here was recorded live at ABRAVANEL HALL in Salt Lake City, Utah on 16 October 2003 and features Peter Cetera, formerly a founding member and lead singer of CHICAGO, a full SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA conducted by Arnie Roth, and Cetera's own band The BAD DADDIES providing guitar, keyboards, percussion and backing vocals with a selection of great musical memories newly performed.

Originally a bass player, Cetera had joined forces with guitarist Terry Kath and horn player Walter Parazider to form The BIG THING in 1967, together with brass players Lee Loughnane on trumpet, James Pankow on trombone and Walter Perry on saxes, with keyboards man Robert Lamm added. All Except Lamm (from Brooklyn) were natives of the Midwest's Windy City, so the group logically next titled themselves CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY, and made their first album for COLUMBIA in 1969, quickly enjoying a huge hit with a version of the Spencer DAVIS GROUP's organ-driven "I'm A Man, written by Steve Winwood. They soon dropped the words TRANSIT AUTHORITY from the band's name and furthered there impact with the equally powerfull "25 Or 6 To 4", notable for its distinctively strong sound dominated by the horns rather than guitars, and the melodic ballad "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is ?", showing a rare talent for memorable reflective songs.
Throuhout the 1970s, CHICAGO released a succession of albums in the style they themselves had patented, each titled numerically, and ich caracterized by a sound at once highly popular and ķet very sofisticated, peang with their first No.l hit in 1976, "If You Leave Me Now" which became an enduring pop standard.

1982 brought another No.l with "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", and CHICAGO 16 at that time became their most successful album in the years. "Hard Habit To Break" and "You're The Inspiration" followed before Cetera left in 1986, immediately making his own personal mark with "The Glory Of Love", "Next Time I Fall" (a duet with gospel singer Amy Grant) and anothe duet three years on, this time with Cher on "After All".

CHICAGO themselves continued under there original name, but it was Cetera's distinctive voice which played such shows very clearly in this fine concert how capable he is of revisiting both the band's major hits and his own best solo recordings.


2. No Explanation ( New Version )

    You really took me by surprise
    If someone I've needed for a lifetime
    Your heart was cleverly disguised
    But it didn't look that way in my mind
    Tell me: How could it be I was the last to know?
    Darling, I couldn't read what was in your mind to turn around and to
    love me with

No explanation
I gave you everything I had
I didn't know that you would take me
Sweet consideration
And after all that we've been through
I can't believe it's true
Until I hear you say ...

    My mouth is still wet from our last kiss
    Was loving me your one intention
    What were the signs and the times I've missed
    I need you more than I could mention
    I won't ever accept with leaving for someone else
    Baby, and when something is wrong, Darling, I need to know
    Don't ever leave me with
Repeat Chorus