Robert LAMM

Subtlety & Passion


1. I Could Tell You Secrets 4'21
(Robert Lamm)
2. Somewhere Girl 4'47
(Hank Linderman / Robert Lamm)
3. The Mystery Of Moonlight 4'24
(Jeffrey Foskett / Robert Lamm)
4. Gimme Gimme 4'29
(Hank Linderman / Robert Lamm)
5. Another Sunday 4'00
(Gerry Beckley / Robert Lamm)
6. For You, Kate 5'03
(Robert Lamm)
7. It's Always Something 3'40
(Tris Imboden / Robert Lamm)
8. Intensity 3'50
(Robert Lamm)
9. You're My Sunshine Everyday 3'52
(Parthenon Huxley / Robert Lamm)
10. You Never Know The Story 4'12
(Marty Grebb / Robert Lamm)
11. It's A Groove, This Life 5'04
(Robert Lamm)

Total Time: 47:42

  • Robert Lamm - Acoustic Guitar (8), Fender Rhodes (1, 6, 11), Organ (8), Vocals, Roland Synth Pads (7), Piano (4, 6), Synth “Nylon String Guitar” (3, 10), Keyboards (10), Rhytm Guitar (5), Vibes (5), Wah Clavinet (9)
  • Hank Linderman - Acoustic Guitar (1, 6, 10, 11), Electric Guitars (2, 3, 6, 7, 9), Loops (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11), Percussion (2, 3, 5-7, 10, 11), Electric Sitar (4), Additional Bass, Backvocals
  • Keith Howland - Additional Guitar (7), Brass Ensemble (4)
  • Terry Kath - Additional Guitar (8)
  • Chris Pinnick - Additional Guitar (4), Raga (4)
  • Jason Scheff - Vintage Precision Fender Bass (1, 11), Fender Bass (10), Bass (3, 8), Lakland 6-String Bass (2, 7, 9), Upright Electric Bass (6), Backvocals
  • Greg Eicher - Upright Acoustic Bass (5)
  • James Pankow - Trombone (1)
  • Lee Loughnane - Trumpet (2-4, 8, 9, 11) Flugelhorn (3, 5, 6, 11), Muted Trumpet (10)
  • Walter Parazaider - Alto Flute (6, 11)
  • Nick Lane - Trombones (1-6, 8, 9, 11), Horn Arrangements from sketches by RL
  • Larry Klimas - Tenor Saxophone (2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9), Baritone Saxophones (8)
  • Marty Grebb - Electric Guitar / Bridge (10), Vocals (10)
  • Tris Imboden - “V-Drums”- Kit (1, 7), Harmonica (7), Backvocals
  • Jonathan Mitchell - Additional Dums (3)
  • Gerry Beckley - Backvocals (2, 3, 5)
  • Timothy B. Schmit - Backvocals (bckgr) (2, 3)

    Produced by Robert Lamm
    Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Hank Linderman at
    PARSONS GREEN, Cuiver City, CA
    PRECISSION, Hollywood, CA - Ron Boustead
    Bobby Woods - Graphic Design
    Directed by Joy Lamm
    RL - Cover Art, Sketches


    1. I Could Tell You Secrets

      If i say i love you
      No one else above you
      In a world without romance
      How would you know ?

      All things are connected
      Much more than we suspected
      Nothing is by chance
      How would you know ?

      I could bring you flowers
      I could bring you candy
      I could tell you stories
      No no no
      I could write you letters
      I could paint you pictures
      I could tell you secrets

      Subtlety and passion
      Have fallen out of fashion
      Without more than just a glance
      How would you know ?
      How would you know ?

      We could talk for hours
      We could eat that candy
      No guts then no glories
      Oh !

      I see no chance of us becoming something dull
      This extraordinary fundamental way of love

    2. Somewhere Girl

      Last time i heard her voice she said:
      "Be back in town by five
      Be great to see your face across a table"
      Walking out was not my choice
      Talk about how we survive
      It's so much more than who's upset about it
      Two so close
      Two so far away
      But so it goes and so it goes

      Now she's far from these worries
      She's a somewhere girl
      A somewhere girl, yeah
      Every night and day
      Every moment she slips away
      I won't be looking for answers
      I won't be waiting for a telephone call
      I know she's out there
      Somewhere girl

      Now and then i hear a song
      It always makes me smile
      To think about the girl i still remember
      From love to hate to compromise
      Getting over takes awhile
      Do you believe we reached the point of never
      Two so close
      Two so far away
      But so it goes and so it goes

      Cry, tears wash away your little empty dreams
      And i've no more regrets
      No sense in making it more than it seems

    3. The Mystery Of Moonlight

      Why is it somedays i never look up
      To see the ever-changing sky ?
      Why is it sometimes i'm unaware
      You're always on my side ?

      How is it possible i forget
      To gaze across the ocean blue ?
      Could i free my soul from its darkest place
      And step into the light with you ?
      Step into the light with you

    The mystery of moonlight
    The myst'ry of emotions
    And the myst'ry of life is the myst'ry of love
    And i wonder how it slips away ?
      When will the moment finaly come
      When i will not refuse to pray ?
      If the gods have every answer then
      What's standing in my way ?
      What's standing in my way ?
    Chorus 2:

    The mystery of lonely
    The myst'ry of a rainfall
    And the myst'ry of life is the myst'ry of love
    And i wonder how it slips away
      The mystery of a whisper
      The myst'ry of the first time
      And the myst'ry of life is the myst'ry of love
      And i wonder how it slips away

    I see the edge now, it's so late
    I feel the passion, how can i wait ? Oh !
    Sweet, sweet moonlight ! Oh !

    4. Gimme Gimme

      Light the lights
      Another love fest for the stars tonight
      Cups of gold and empty praise
      We're fabulous tonight

      No award for getting out of bed
      Teaching kids or making sure they're fed
      Say a prayer for the common man
      And come along to the promised land

      Gimme gimme gimme
      Gimme some award gimme money gimme something
      Gimme someplace in your Hall of Fame
      Gimme gimme gimme
      Gold plated statues of an image i can pander to
      ...... gimme gimme

      Gimme gimme gimme
      Gimme some award, gimme money, gimme something
      Gimme someplace in your Hall of Fame
      Gimme gimme gimme
      Soundbytes of p.r. , my graffitti on the sands of time

      Dream the dream
      A break from your reality is on tonight
      Celebrate this glitter idol
      TV culture tonight

      All the courage in your city street
      Chasing fire walking on the beat
      The Book of Glory got a brand new page
      Let the real heroes walk the stage

    5. Another Sunday

      Another sunday
      And i wake up
      Get the coffee on the way
      Another sunday
      At the doorstep
      I'll see what the papers say
      Push the curtains open
      Let the light come in
      And it's sunday ... another sunday morning again

      Another sunday
      And i'm restless
      Mem'ry tugging at my sleeve
      Another sunday
      Still i'm tryin'
      Im trying to believe
      Dreams i had when i was young
      Are still the same
      Tho' time has passed ... the dream has still remained

      Just look in the mirror, boy
      See the miles on your face
      Can't be any clearer, boy
      Maybe it's time to get out of the race

      Another sunday
      Could i fin'lly ?
      Could i fin'lly start to live ?
      And maybe one day
      I would take time
      I would take some time to give
      To those who always waited for me patiently
      For my return and my company
      But for now, you see
      Comes monday ... I start all over again

    6. For You, Kate

      I was lost and i was going nowhere
      I was caught in the drift of circumstance
      I was constantly wond'ring what "it's all about alfie"
      Then i was given half a chance
      A little angel came
      I think i'd always known her name
      I must have done a really really good thing
      A never really understood thing

      I was ready for you Kate
      I could hardly stand the wait
      When you first came into view
      I swear my heart knew what to do
      I was ready for you Kate
      I'll be steady for you Kate
      Big green eyes, a sea of blue
      I'm so amazed by you

      When you smile you warm the coldest of hearts
      When you speak it's 'miss enchantment' on the 'phone
      When you tell me you miss me as i'm travelin' the road
      Then it's so good to get back home
      The wisest people say
      "You know you must embrace each day"
      I can't imagine life without this feeling
      I never ever doubt this feeling

    7. It's Always Something

      Life seems so different now
      Just since the other day
      The air has changed, something has shifted
      My mind won't rest at all
      It's in some other place
      Then with a glance from you it's lifted

      The phone is ringing and
      It creeps into my dream
      Then i reach out my hand for you, girl
      My eyes can't focus but
      I recognize the scene
      I realiize this is a new world

      Everyday everyday everyday
      Everyday it's always something
      Everyday it's always something.

      TV talking heads
      Keep giving us the news
      Markets down and poison in the mail
      Teenagers want to rule
      You wonder what they think
      Future shaky: trying not to fail

      So much is beautiful
      My love and my romance
      But now it's not so easy feeling free
      I go to bed so weary
      Grateful for my time
      What will tomorrow's something be ?

    8. Intensity

      Intensity is the key
      What i mean is that i found an answer
      Been on my mind for quite some time
      What it is that makes me care about her

      Turns my head, shares my bed
      Fills my universe just with her laughter
      She knows me well, knows my hell
      And tries to understand just what i'm after

      When i'm mean and cause a scene
      I tell her that i'd rather live without her
      It's such a lie, i'd surely die
      And never sing another song again

      Sometimes i can barely make any sense of what she says
      Her logic is baffling at times just to say the least
      An expert at making me so mad i cant hardly see
      A collection of energy

      You see her eyes, it's no surprise
      I've never seen a man who didn't want her
      But hey that's cool, i'm no fool
      There's no one who could want her more than me

    9. You're My Sunshine Everyday

      Never was i a child
      Tho' i was small
      Days of innocence remain

      And for a time i had gone wild
      I lost it all
      Every season has some rain

      You're my sunshine everyday
      You're my sunshine
      You're my sunshine everyday

      Hope was a distant star
      I called dispair
      That's a lonely place to be

      But baby now here you are
      My answered prayer
      I wonder what you see in me

      Sky can get gray
      But you won't hear too much
      In the way of complaining from me
      I used to be restless and reckless
      With everyone's heart
      Now it's so plain to see

    10. You Never Know The Story

      I first heard miles play
      A most unusual way
      I watched, my friend and i,
      His uncle junkie get so high, so high

      He left his records there
      Under his folding chair
      I took them home with me
      I listened and that music stayed with me
      Yes it stayed with me.

      You never know the story
      Of another's broken heart
      What was a sweet romance
      Was something 'might have fell apart
      You never know the color
      Of another's broken dreams
      The ending of a love affair
      More costly than it seems

      Terry was a lucky man
      A big heart with a big plan
      His love played far and wide
      When he turned away to go we cried, we cried

      Lie to ourselves to live
      Chump reasons that we give
      Time's up before you know
      You give up the ghost and learn it's love
      Yes it's love, it's love

      I think i found a part of me,
      A little part of me,
      That i just lost somehow
      Bringing up sweet memories
      Of other days
      Into my here and now

    11. It's A Groove, This Life

      I've always been a dreamer
      I hit the floor a-running
      But i don't forget to pray
      Joyjoy is a comer
      Soon she's gonna happen
      A thinker with a lot to say
      It's a groove, this life

      My dear friend is a drinker
      Tan and alcoholic
      His bones are bleaching in the sun
      Mackie is a schemer
      Says he's got some music
      Couldn't get arrested with a gun
      But it's a groove, this life
      It's a groove

      Is it rich enough ?
      Is it strange enough ?
      Is it full enough? this life ?
      Do we bitch enough ?
      Do we change enough ?
      Is it full enough ? This life ?

      Frankie is a driver
      Past the age of reason
      Used to be a green beret
      What's up with the summer ?
      Boom ! And then it's over
      Go ahead and make my day
      But it's a groove, this life
      Yeah, it's a groove

      Lucky i can still walk the walk
      Can't be running from the devil now
      You try to make him into your friend
      Faster and faster you play
      Close and closer you get to the day
      So close to the end