Raw Power: Surfacings, Vol. 1


1. Hard Wings 3'04
(Trey Gunn)
2. The Shimmering 2'22
(Trey Gunn)
3. Puttin' On The White Shirt 8'02
(Trey Gunn / Dave Doulas / Bob Muller)
4. Anastasis 2'00
(Trey Gunn / Pat Mastelotto)
5. Kukurihu 3'23
(Trey Gunn / Pat Mastelotto)
6. Laguna Morena 2'34
(Trey Gunn)
7. Heavenly Groove 3'51
(Trey Gunn)
8. Hawaii 2 Oh 3'02
(Trey Gunn / Dave Douglas / Bob Muller)
9. Megrez 4'23
(Trey Gunn / Sean Malone)
10. Indira Opening 4'47
(Trey Gunn / Bob Muller)
11. August, 1997 4'15
(Trey Gunn)
12. One Thousand Years: Second Traverse 10'40
(Trey Gunn)

Total Time: 52:23

  • Trey Gunn - Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar (9, 10), Programmings
  • Dave Douglas - Trumpet (3, 8)
  • Pat Mastelotto - Drums (4, 5)
  • Bob Muller - Drums & Tabla (3, 8, 10)
  • Serpentine - Vocals (4, 5)

    Trey Gunn - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Steven Rhodes - Digital Editing
    Barry Corliss - Mastering
    Ioannis - Art Direction, Design

    "I'm very happy this material, these surfacings, have finally found their home. These musics have been lurking in my vaults waiting for just the right context to come forward. What originally began as a hodge-podge of disparate material from 10 years of out-takes, has slowly merged to form this collection. The tracks come from various sources that can largely be grouped into three areas.

    The source of tracks first come from a previous cassette-only release entitled "Raw Power." I pulled the cream of the crop from this earlier recording and made a few tweaks. They are from the first sessions I did with a "tapping" instrument - a group of electric instruments that make sound when you tap the strings directly on the fretboard. I realize the risk in releasing this particular material, for the recordings were all done on 4-track cassette and mixed to cassette. The sound is of that classic analogue demo variety; however there is still some great music here. I have done what was in my means to improve the audio and I feel that if this music is to ever see the light of day, then this is it's light.

    The second source of pieces are out-takes from my first two solo recordings: "One Thousand Years" and "The Third Star." It's not that these pieces weren't good enough for their respective records -- they simply just didn't fit into the context of the whole, and therefore were withdrawn from the running order. The original CD title track, "One Thousand Years", was far too immense of a piece to include in it's entirety without overshadowing the other tracks, so I edited it down to 3 minutes. This piece was an amazing beginning for me. And, also an end. For this CD I'm presenting a 10 minute version. Still a far cry from the full 22 minutes, but I'll wait for the proper context for that.

    The final source of material comes from isolated recording and writing sessions from the band "Believe What You Please". The two tracks from this short lived little ensemble, which featured Dave Douglas on trumpet as well as Bob Muller, would never be heard if not for this release."
    - TG