Manfred MANN

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - 1972-1974                 1972-1974

Nightingales & Bombers - 1975     Nightingales & Bombers

The Roaring Silence - 1976     The Roaring Silence

Watch - 1978     Watch

Angel Station - 1979     Angel Station

Chance - 1980     Chance

Somewhere In Afrika - 1983     Somewhere In Africa

Budapest Live - 1984     Budapest Live

Criminal Tango - 1986     Criminal Tango

Masque - 1987     Masque


      1. Demons And Dragons
      2. Two Bridges (Interlude)
      3. Down In Mexico
      4. Happenstance
      5. The History Of Sexual Jealousy
      6. Black Eyes
      7. Mars
      8. Get Me Out Of This
      9. Frog
    10. Two Friends
    11. Monkmann
    12. Marche Slave
    13. Independent Woman
    14. Dragons Reprise

  • Manfred Mann - Keyboards and bits of Vocals
  • Mick Rogers - Guitars
  • Steve Kinch - Bass
  • Geoff Dunn - Drums
  • Noel McCalla - Vocals
  • Ade Laboriel Jr. - Drum Loops

    Manfred Mann - Executive Producer
    Dean Hart - Co-producer
    Allan Rog - Engineer
    Also Terry Medhurst, Gus Hoevenaars, Matt Loffstadf, Ian Tompson, Dean Hart, Ray Mascaranes

    Some of the Earth Band backing tracks were recorded in a different and experimental manner. There were no rehearsals beforehand. As a result almost everything you will hear, was never played before or rehearsed, so what you hear are the first takes of their kind. These tracks are 'Mars', 'Two Friends', 'Two Brides', 'Mcrche Slave', 'Frog' and 'Get Me Out Of This'. Musically this method worked pretty well, but was also time consuming as we had to connect different sections together afterwards. This is because verses and choruses were played separately. A number of other tracks were put together in a more organised fashion. Some of these are in a style which is different to what fans of EARTH BAND might expect. Therefore I have entitled these Manfred Mann 06. Although in most cases I have used the musicians from EARTH BAND. Equally I have called the album Manfred Mann 06, because some of the music represents my personal taste, not necessarily the taste of my colleagues, and does not necessarily sit comfortably within an EARTH BAND context.

    The album is called 2006 although it will be released in 2004, [and in some places 2005]. It is simply that being the wrong date and being out of time might look interesting - at least until 2006.

    I would also like to thonk Nicholcs Bulestin for his work during the initial stages of the EARTH BAND tracks. He and I dre both aware of the extent of his contribution.