10 CC

Alive: The Classic Hits Tour
(Japan Tour)


1. Wall Street Shuffle
2. Good Morning Judge
3. Welcome To Paradise
4. The Things We Do For Love
5. Across The Universe
6. The Stars Didn't Show
7. Art For Art's Sake
8. Paperback Writer
9. Shine A Light In The Dark
10. Feel The Benefit
11. Dreadlock Holiday
12. I'm Not In Love
13. Rubber Bullets
14. Silly Love
15. Life Is A Minestrone
16. Slow Down

  • Interview

    Running Time: 87 min. + 3 min.

    Kevin Godley
    Vocals / Drums

    Lol Creme
    Vocals / Guitar

    Eric Stewart
    Vocals / Guitar

    Graham Gouldman
    Vocals / Guitar

    10CC Alive: The Classic Hits Tour brings back a lot of good memories and while the quality of the DVD is okay, the music itself is great.
    It was filmed during the band's comeback tour in Japan in the early '90s and has most of the songs 10CC fans want to hear. It has to be said I was a tad gobsmacked that I'm Mandy Fly Me wasn't included - but, hey, when have I ever been a good judge of music ?!
    The video transfer is very soft, although the colours are fine, and the sound is a tad muddy. Keeping in mind that these guys were well ahead of the pack in terms of additional sounds in their albums that's a bit disappointing.
    However, all that said, it is fantastic to have these guys on DVD as a permanent record of how great a group they were. Fans should have a really good look at this one!

    - James Anthony