Live DVD release from Sons Of Champlin featuring footage from their February 2002 live performance.


1. Hold On / For Joy
2. Rooftop
3. Look Out
4. Right On
5. Maybe
6. Get High
7. Gold Mine
8. Poppa Can Play

Running Time: 50 min. + 20 min.

Sons of Champlin:
Bill Champlin - Vocals, Guitar, Hammond B-3
Geoff Palmer - Keyboards, Vibraphones, Hammond ┬-3
David Schallock - Bass, Vocals
James Preston - Drums, Vocals
Tom Saviano - Saxophones, Keyboard
Mic Gillette - Brass, Vocals
Tal Morris - Guitar, Vocals
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Sons of Champlin DVD
Performed February 2, 2001 Live at
Meyer Sound Performance Hall
Ex'pression Center For New Media Emeryville, CA (San Francisco)

Garry Platt

Technical Directors:
Stephen Kopels
Drake Donovan Geramoni

Stage Managers:
John Scanion
Geoff Garnett
Live Show Sound Crew:
FOH: Aaron Goldstein (S.O.C.)
Monitors: Hani Gadalah

Stephen ╩ţpels
Charlie Roberts

Lighting Direction:
Mark Ward

Sons Crew:
Charles Kelly - Equipment Technician
Jeff Ocheltree - Stage Management / Equipment Technician
Tony Black - Equipment Technician
Aaron Goldstein - Sound Mixing Engineer (Front Of House)
David Duncan - Booking / Travel Coordinator
Kalena Preston - Merchandise Coordinator

DVD Mix:
Gary Platt, Sean Green
5.1 Mix:
Gary Platt, Colin Gradek
Colin Gradek, Allie Adelman, Johnny Vince Evans

DVD Team:
Video Editor: Michael Coleman
Cover / Menu Design: Erika ╠ˇers
DVD Authoring: John Scanlon
Additional Video Footage Supplied By:
David Yancy

Camera Operators:
Suzanne Elliot
Peter Harding
Mike Janthro
Matt Kourie
Kevin Pratt
Armando Tobriner
Specials Thanks To:
Peter Laanen
Maresa Danielsen
Elizabeth Zulim
Maggie Apostolova
Yee Ju Riddell
Kelly Backens
Danielle Nestore
Siobhan Berenz
Megan Winkle
Brittany Riddel
Katie Llppincott
Cathleen Hodgson
Cristina Munoz-Plaza
Erin Lasalle
Richard Mithun

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