1. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
2. Vacant
3. The Answer Lies Within
4. Sacrificed Sons
5. Octavarium
6. Metropolis

Running Time: 102 min.

Dream Theater is:
James LaBrie - Vocals
John Mayung
- Bass
John Petrucci
- Guitar and Vocals
Mike Portnoy
- Drums and Vocals
Jordan Rudess
- Keyboards, Continuum and Lap Still Guitar

Directed By
Mike Portnoy

Executive Producers
John Beug
Karen Ahmed
David May

Produced By
Ethan Mesmer

Technical Director
Bruce Green

Director of Photography
Greg Harrington

Coordinating Producer
Peter Margolis

Edited By
Chris Osterhus

Srereo and Surround Mix by
Michael H. Brauer

Line Producer
Ned Doyle

Associate Producer
Donald Cager

Master Colorist
Bob Sackter

Production Manager
Audrey Davenport

Video Mixer
Richie Wirth

Associate Manager
Emily Rubin

Camera Operators
Pete Forest
Lyn Noland
John Melkeljohn
Jim Scurtl
Bobby Del Russo
Mark Whitman

Jib Operator
Manny Gutlerrez

John Perry

Steadycam Assist
Hugh Wilson

Alan Smith

Video Control
Paul Ranlert

Tape Operator
Rob Toscano

Documentary Crew
Luis Lopez
Darrin Roberts

Documentary Audio Mix
Mike Rodriguez

HD Truck
Tom D'Angelo
Lee Blonco

B.Unit Supervisor
Joaquin Giraud

Audio / Comms Engineer
Julian Segura

Video Engineers
Oscar Perez
Marshall Fawcatt

Recording Engineer
Eric Schilling

Karen Brinton

Audio Engineered by
Elliott Schelner

Tech / Tape Op
Phil Gitomer

Sean McClintock
Shawn King

Liz Ip

Key Utility
Anthony DeFonzo

Ramsey Alkaysl
Vinny DeMato
Mike Cunningham

Production Assistants
Angelo Ruzzo
Vanessa Ashton
Laura Nieder
Alonso Johnson

Post Production Supervising Producer
Bob Sackter

Post Production Services
CCI Digital

DVD Authoring
DVS Intelestream

DVD Audio Mastering
Bob Ludwig

Tour LIVE Video Intro
Sebastian Beloch

Octavarium Animation
Mike Tyysca

20th Anniversary Collages
Scott Hansen

Product Managers
Liz Goodman
Marc Salata

Legal & Business Affairs
Kris Ahrend
Rachael Bickerton

Radio City Staff
Richard Claffey - Vice President of Production
Sean Fox
- Head Carpenter
Marty Fuller
- Head Electrician
Ted Wondsel
- Head Property Person
Tom Arrigoni
- Head Audio
Darlene Belle
- Manager of Production RCMH
John Urban
- General Manager of RCMH

All music written by Dream Theater and Published by Ytse Jams (ASCAP)

Produced by Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci for JaM Productions
Mixed by Michael H. Brauer for MHB Productions, Inc. at Quad Studios, NYC
Assistatnt Engineer: Will Hensley

Additional Digital Editing and Post Production
Rich Chycki at Mixland Studios
Assisted by Norma Miller

Mastered by Adam Ayun at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

The Octavarium Orchestra
Arranged and Conducted by Jamshied Sharifi

Violins: Elena Barere (Concert Master), Yuri Vodovos, Belinda Whitney, Avril Brown, Katherine Livolsi,
Abe Appleman, Joice Hammann, Karen Karlsrud, Ann Leathers, Ricky Sortomme, Jan Mullen, Carol Pool,
Violas: Vincent Lionti, Adria Benjamin, Judy Witmer, Crystal Garner, Jonathan Dinklage,
Cellos: Richard Locker, Eugene Moye, David Hells, Caryl Palsner
French Horns: Bob Carlisle, Dan Culpepper, Larry Dittelio
Bass Trombone: George Hynn
Flute: Pamela Sklar
B Flat Clarinet: Ole Mathisen
Trumpet: Jeff Klevit, Jim Hynes
Percussion: Gordon Gottlieb

Orchestral Contractor: Jill Abate

Recorded on April 1st 2006 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City

Special Thanks to Radio City Entertainment and Radio City Hall

Dream Theater 2005 / 2006 Crew
Rikk Feulner - Tour Manager
TJ Rodriguez - Production Manager (2006)
Ray Amico - Production Manager (2005)
Nigel Paul - FOH Sound Engineer
Bert Baldwin - Lighting and Video Director
Benoit Richard - Lighting Designer
Eric Disrude - Drum Tech
Jay Baskin - Guitar Tech
Jerry Pratt - Bass Tech
Jake Bowen - Keyboard Tech
Jenny Neace - Production Assistant

... also a special thanks to all of the various sound, lighting and video technicians,
caterers and bus and truck drivers who were with us for various legs throughout the tour.

Dream Theater would like to thank everybody at the following companies for all of their continued support:
Tama Starclassic Drums, Melody Master Snares and Iron Cobra Prdals, Sabian and Sabian MAX Cymbals,
ProMark 420 Sticks, Remo Heads, Latin Percussion, Sticknut,
Music Man, Ernie Ball, Mesa Boogie, DiMarzio, Dunlop, Bass, Taylor, Planet Waves,
t.c. Electronics, Axess Electronics, Kriz-Kraft, Framptone, Mark Snyder Services, Inc., Skrystrup R&D,
Korg, Music Research, Haken Audio, Synthesizers.com, Moog, Peavey, Synthology, Spectrasonics,
Native Instruments, Sonic Implants, Ultimate Sound Bank, Roland Japan,
Mark of the Unicorn, Freehand Systems, Yamaha YGD-USA, Yamaha Japan, D'Addario Stribgs,
Demeter Amps, Ashdown Engineering, SWR Amps, Seymour Duncan

A Very Special Thanks to our families for all of their love, patience, understanding and inspiration;
Karen, Chloe and Chance LaBrie, Lisa, Brandon and Christian Myung,
Rena, Reny, Samantha and Klara Petrucci,
Marlene, Melody and Max Portnoy, Danielle, Ariana and Kayla Rudess.

Dream Theater Management:
Frank Solomon for Frank Solomon Management

Dream Theater Booking Agents;
The Agency Group
Steve Martin (US)
Derek Kemp (Europe / South America / Asia)

Visit the official Dream Theater website: www.dreamtheater.net