Steve VAI

G3 - Live In Concert


1. Cool #9
2. Flying In a Blue Dream
3. Summer Song
4. Intro Song
5. Manhattan
6. SRV
7. Answers
8. For The Love Of God
9. The Attitude Song
    The Jam Songs (Featuring All 3 G's)
10. Going Down
11. My Guitar Wantes To Kill Your Mama
12. Red House

Running Time: 69:00

Joe SATRIANI and the "Jam"
mixed by Mike Fraser
At The Plant, Sausalito, CA

Eric JOHNSON mixed by
Richard Mulleh

Steve VAI mixed by
Steve Vai
Recorded Live at Record Plant Remote


  • Joe Satriani - Guitar & Vocals
  • Stuart Hamm - Bass
  • Jeff Campitelli - Drums
Direction - Bill Graham Management


  • Eric Johnson - Guitar
  • Stephen Barber - Keyboards
  • Roscoe Beck-Bass Guitar
  • Brannen Temple-Drums

    Eric Johnson appears through the
    courtesy of Capitol Records
    Management - Joe Priesnitz Artist
    Meinanomont, Austin, TX
Steve VAI:
  • Steve Vai - Guitar & Vocals
  • Mike Keneally - Rythm Guitar, Sitar & Keyboards
  • Philip Bynoe - Bass
  • Mike Mangini - Drums

Mike Keneally appears courtesy
of Immune Records
Management - Ruta E. Sepetys
for Sepetys Entertament Group

Record Plant Remout Crew:
Kooster McAllister
Skip Kent
Paul Special
Chuck Cavanaugh

Lighting Designer:
Chris Varrin

Unit Production Manager:
Mark Zurawiec

Video Engineering:
Tom Piazza

Camera Operators:
Jerry Bryant
Ken Heinemann
Erasmo Rivera
Ken Sowinski
Mike Ziemkowski

Special Thanks:
Jack Arenas
Mick Brigden
Jerry Breant
Evelyn Burgueno
David Coleman
Steve Einczig
Jock Elliott
Kelley Glasgow
Michael Harnett
Gene Hollister
Francesca Ingrassia
John Kalodner
Larry Kanusher
Noil Kollerhouse
Leslie Lee
Rand Levy
Miko Manning
Lilette Mastro
Jo-Anne McGettrick
Doug Nightwine
Northrop Auditorium

Virginia Robinson
Rose Presents
Joe Priesnitz
Judy Ross
Ruta Sepetys
Scott Spanjich
Rick Stewart
Misako Suzuki
Pam Vai
Armando Zapata
Neil Zlozower

Recorded at the
Northrop Auditorium
In Minneapolis,
on November 2nd,