Steve VAI

G3 - Live In Tokyo
(Recorded at Tokyo Forum, Japan, May 8, 2005)


1. Glasgow Kiss
2. Damage Control
3. The Audience Is Listening
4. Building The Church
5. K'm-Pee-Du-Wee
6. Up In Flames
7. Searching
8. War
    The G3 Jam
9. Foxey Lady
10. La Grange
11. Smoke On The Water

Bonus Feature:

Watch the G3 soundcheck, with 3 individual audio commentary tracks by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and John Petrucci, giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what goes into the creation of this electrifying show.

Running Time: 93:00 + 15:00

Produced by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai & John Petrucci
Executive Producer Mick Brigden
Directed & Produced by A. Karim Karmi
Recorded by Yoshiyasu Kumada
Mixed by Mike Fraser at The Warehouse, Vancouver, ΒΡ, Canada
Edited by Arthur St. Germain
Lighting Design & Direction by Alastair Bramall-Watson

G3 Crew

Joe Satriani:

Joe Satriani:
Matt Bissonnette: Bass
Jeff Campitelli: Drums
Galen Henson: Rhythm Guitar

Steve Vai:

Steve Vai:
Guitar / Vocals
Billy Sheehan: Bass
Tony McAlpine: Guitar / Keyboards
Dave Weiner: Rhythm Guitar
Jeremy Colson: Drums

John Petrucci:

John Petrucci:
Guitar / Vocals
Mike Portnoy: Drums
Dave LaRue: Bass

The G3 Jam

"Foxey Lady" J. Hendrix Experience Hendrix LLC, ASCAP
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci: Guitars
Joe Satriani: Vocal
Matt Bissonnette: Bass
Mike Portnoy: Drums

"La Grange" Billy Gibbons / Dusty Hill / Frank Beard Songs at Mosaic, ASCAP
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci: Guitars
Matt Bissonnette, Billy Sheehan: Bass
Billy Sheehan: Vocal
Jeff Campitelli: Drums

"Smoke On The Water"
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci: Guitars
Matt Bissonnette, Billy Sheehan: Bass
Matt Bissonnette, Billy Sheehan: Vocal
Jeff Campitelli: Drums

G3 Production Manager:
Rick Reith
G3 Audio: Brian Vance, Rick Reith
G3 Backline Technicians: Jose Baraquio, Jimmy Emerson, Jay Phoebus
Guitar Technician for Joe: Mike Manning
Guitar Technician for Steve and John: Thomas Nordegg
G3 Booking Entourage Talent: Wayne Forte
G3 Business Management: Provident Financial Management, Wendy Hoffhine
G3 Merchandise: Signatures Network, Al Sitchan, John Iverson
G3 Travel: Travel Notes, Diane DelMonte
G3 Publicity: Melissa Dragich


G3 / Joe Satriani:
BC Management, Mick Brigden
Steve Vai: Ruta E. Sapetys for SEG Inc.
John Petrucci: Frank Solomon for Frank Solomon Management Inc.
Internet Technology: Chime Interactive, Jon Luini Michael Mesker
Japanese Tour Direction: Creative Man, Nozue Yasui, Ichiro AO Aono
Photography: William Hames

Relevant Pictures - Los Angeles

Line Producer:
Andrew Deerin
Camera Operator: Andy McKim
Camera Operator: Bennett Cerf
Camera Operator: Mike Stavaradis
Camera Operator: Devin Atwood
Camera Operator: Natanial Havholm
Camera Operator: Joseph Ramsey
Jib Op: Jay Rulick
Accounting: Renee Rodriguez

Post Production - L2 Digital, Burbank, CA

Virgin Earth - Tokyo

Line Producer •• Richard Kipnis
Production Manager •• Mike Role
Video Engineer •• Hiroyuki "Rocky" Muraoka
Caneraman Op •• Jeff Cooke
Camera Assistant •• Shoichi Morishita
Production Coordinator •• Kaori Ikeda
Camera Assistant 1 •• Yu Sato
Camera Assistant 2 •• Masahiro Takahashi
Camera Assistant 3 •• Hiroki Hosoya
Camera Assistant 4 •• Chihiro Mitsui
Camera (Set-up only) •• Hiroyuki Ishihara

Jimmy Jib Key Grip •• Hiroyuki Ishihara
Dolly Grip •• Hirofumi Tanaka
Grip 1 •• Kei Shouzuzawa
Grip 1 •• Masashi Funai

1st Recording Engineer •• Yoshiyasu Kumada
Recording Asst 1 •• Takeshi Sasaki
Recording Asst 2 •• Hiroaki Matsumoto
Recording Asst 3 •• Hiroshi Furuhayashi
Recording Asst 4 •• Maiko Oda
Audio Remote Truck Driver •• Takashi Harigae

Camera Platform Coordination •• Hatsuki Yasuda
Carpenter 1 •• Kenichi Okubo
Carpenter 2 •• Tatsuya Aramaki
Carpenter 3 •• Hiroki Muraoka

Special Thanks:
Creation Man Productions Co., Ltd
Hibino Recording K. K.
Keith Corporation

Joe Thanks:
Epic Records and Everyone at Sony / BMG Worldwide
Jon Luini and Chime Interactive
Frank Casanova and Quicktime
Mike Manning
Gary Brawer
Real Guitars
Michael Fuller and Fulltone
Michael Pearce, Kunio Kishida and the Nancy Vintage Guitar Shop
Teddy Rasch and
Leff Lefferts and Cutting Edge Audio Group
Cliff Cuttrari
Lenny Stein
Peggy Arent
Loni Green
Susen, San Francisco
Rubina and ZZ Satriani

Steve Thanks:
Ruta Sepetys
Pam Dancy
Michael Mesker
John Sepetys
Mike Cortese
Mike Faley
Brian Greenbaum
Christopher Dalston & everyone at CAA
Gerry Rosenblatt
Ibanez Guitars
Carvin Legacy Amps
Morley Pedals
Ernie Ball Strings
DiMarzio Evolution Pickups
Chuck Fleckenstein
Mick Brigden
Joe Satriani & John Petrucci
Epic Records
Neil Citron
Frank Solomon
Billy Sheehan
Dave Weiner
Jeremy Colson
Tony McAlpine
Thomas Nordegg
Special Thanks: Pia, Julian & Fire

John Thanks:
Special thank you to Rena, Reny, Samanta and Klara
Thank you to Music Man, Mesa Boogie, DiMarzio,
Ernie Ball, Dunlop, Bass Corp.,
Planet Waves, Kanda Shokai Corp., Sterling Ball, Dudley Gimple,
Randall Smith, Jim Aschow, Doug West, Iren Lawrence, Larry DiMarzio,
Steve Blucher, Mike Bradley, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Solomon, Mick Brigden,
Thomas Nordegg, Mike Portnoy, Dave LaRue, Mune Ogawa, Yoshi Ikegami, Atsushi Shimitzu

Mike Portnoy exclusively uses Tama Starclassic Drums, Sabian Cymbals and Mark Sticks

We wish to thank all the G3 fans around the world for their support and hope to see
you on the next G3 tour

© 2005 Sony BMG Music Entertainment