In Session
At The Paradise Studios


1. Intro - T-Bone Shuffle
2. Nowhere To Run
3. Cocaine
4. Ten Easy Lessons
5. Sensitive Kind
6. Hands Off Her
7. Louisiana
8. Going Down
9. Corine Corina
10. Roll On
11. No Sweat
12. Crazy Mama
13. Fate Of A Fool
14. Boilin' Pot
15. After Midnight
16. T-Bone Shuffle
17. T-Bone Backwards
18. Same Old Blues
19. Don't Cry Sister
20. Set Your Soul Free (Tell Me Who You Are)
21. T-Bone Backwards
22. Ten Easy Lessons / Credits

Bonus Tracks

  • Call Me The Breeze
  • Everlovin' Woman
  • Katy Kool Lady
  • Lies
  • Don't Wait

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    Running Time: 100 min.

    The following session was recorded
    in June 1979 at Leon Russell's PARADISE STUIOS
    in Los Angeles, California

    The original analogue masters of this previously
    unseen rare performance by J.J. Cale,
    were discovered in Nashville in 2001
    and have now been restored and digitally re-mastered

    The Band

    J.J. Cale
    Leon Russell
    Christine Lakeland
    Larry Bell
    Marty Grebb
    Nick Rather
    Jimmy Karstein
    Bill Boatman
    Ambrose Campbell
    Pat "Taco" Ryan
    Shamsi Sarumi

    A Classic Pictures Production

    In Association with
    Leon Russell Records

    Executive Producers
    Leon Russell
    Daryl Booth
    Robert Garofalo

    Lyn Beardsall

    Associate Producers
    Joanne Garofalo
    Mike Kappus

    Robert Garofalo

    Sound Mixed by
    Paul McManus
    Michael Rich

    Asissted by
    Chad Tolbert
    at the Karma Studios
    Los Angeles

    Bonus Tracks mixed by
    John Buckley

    Originally Recorded by
    Steve Ripley
    Noland O'Boyle

    DVD Author
    Carl Ardron

    Nathan Turner
    Adam Lovesey

    Joanne Doyle

    Katie Cullinan

    Ben Williams

    Production Associates
    for Leon Russell Records

    Kathy Booth
    Daryl Norman

    Classic Pictures Entertainment
    Leon Russell Records