Satriani Live!


1. Flying In A Blue Dream
2. The Extremist
3. Redshift Riders
4. Cool #9
5. A Cool New Way
6. Satch Boogie
7. Super Colossal
8. Just Like Lightnin'
9. Ice 9
10. One Robot's Dream
11. Ten Words
12. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
13. The Meaning Of Love
14. Made Of Tears
15. Circles
16. Always With Me, Always With You
17. Surfing With The Alien
18. Crowd Chant
19. Summer Song

Bonus Features:
  • Super Colossal:
    In The Studio, In Rehearsal
    On Tour (The Last US Show)
    Music Video

    Bonus Features (Disc Two):

  • Flying In A Blue Dream:
    Joe Satriani India Tour, May 2005

  • European Tour Footage, Podcasts, Slide Show

    All Songs Written by Joe Satriani STRANGE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC (ASCAP)

    Shot LIVE at The GROVE in Anaheim, California, on May 02,2006 in Hi-Def

    Running Time: 245 (130 + 27 + 88) min.

    Joe Satriani     Guitar / Harmonica / Keyboard
    Jeff Campitelli     Drums
    Dave LaRue     Bass
    Galen Henson     Guitar

    Executive Producers
    Mike Brigden
    Calvin Aurend
    Richard J Alcock

    Hank Lane

    Evan Halman

    Arthur St. Dermain

    Online Editor
    Brian F Gordon

    Post Production Supervisor
    Charles Gant

    Lighting Directors
    Ernesto Corti
    Alastair Bramhall Watson

    Mixing Engineer
    Mike Fraser

    Digital Engineer
    Eric Caudleux

    Dan Nabors, Jr.
    Ed Martinez

    Technical Director
    Jason Vaughn

    Joe Satriani Production Manager
    Rick Reith

    Live Sound Engineer
    Randy Lane

    Audio Recording
    Mark LaCour
    Peter Young
    for Audio Image Live

    Stage Technicians
    Mike Manning
    Jose Baraqulo
    Barry Zarculla

    Line Producer
    Angela Seda

    Associate Producer
    Sarah Iverson

    Daniel Burger
    Kelly Carr
    Jason Dutcher
    Todd Harker
    Mike Keyes
    Les Shull

    Jib Camera
    Marc Tippy

    Robo Cam
    Paul Burnham

    Make Up
    Kevin Posey

    Louis A. Foscht

    Bill Pettigrew

    Tony Simons

    Marc Antcliffe

    Jesse Bermudez
    Ryan Craighton

    Enrique Carrson
    Andy Miranda

    Todd Cazee

    Shot Live at The Grove In Anaheim, California
    MAY 2, 2006

    L2 Digital, Burbank, CA

    Special Thanks
    Scott Carter
    John Vernile
    A Karim Karmi