1. Red
(Fripp - BMG MUSIC Publishing)
2. Sole Survivor
(Wetton / Downs - WARNER CHAPPELL)
3. Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way
4. Book Of Saturday
(Fripp / Wetton / Palmer-James - BMG MUSIC Publishing)
5. Emma
6. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
(Wetton / Downes - WARNER CHAPPELL)
7. In The Dead Of Night
(Wetton / Jobson - WARNER CHAPPELL)
8. Easy Money
(Fripp / Wetton / Palmer-James - BMG MUSIC Publishing)
9. After All
(Wetton / Young - WARNER CHAPPELL)
10. Rendezvous 6:02
(Wetton / Jobson - WARNER CHAPPELL)
11. Starless
(Cross / Fripp / Wetton / Palmer-James - BMG MUSIC Publishing)
12. Battle Lines
(Wetton / Marlette / Mitchell - WARNER CHAPPELL / FULL KEEL / M For MUSIC)
13. Heat Of The Moment

Also includes Interview

Running Time: 78 + 22 min.

I have visited Poland before.
Some of you may remember
"Nomansland", a live CD recorded in Krakow and Budapeszcz.
We had a great time then, and we had a lovely time recently.
I have a lot of friends in Poland. It is a beautiful country,
with fabulous, energetic, passionate people - with the zest
for life and - of course - culture, for me,
in the form of live music.
I cannot describe - even as a writer - the sight from stage of
a woman crying her eyes out, throughout the whole show -
I didn't think I was THAT bad, Doro !
It was absolutely lovely to return to Poland, renew friendships,
and forge new ones. One or two people deserve some special
mention here - Tommy Dziubinski, the Viking, for his strength
and tolerance, and his gorgeous assistant Aga, for being
efficient, understanding, and - er, gorgeous - without them,
this DVD 'would never have happened. I, for one, am glad it
did, and I look forward to seeing you, the Polish people,
again in the next years. The DVD you hold comes
with a great deal of love - hence the title.
I thank my band - Steve Christey, John Mitchell and Martin
Orford, who - as always - were magnificent, supportive,
and - above all - brilliant - as people as well as musicians.
Most of all, we are friends.
I thank our entire crew and my co-producers Karl Groom
and Clive Nolan for their thoroughly professional
and dedicated performance.
I dedicate this DVD - with love - to my son, Dylan, and to the good people of Krakow.

- John Wetton, New Forest, England, May 2003

Equipment by Diane Fox

Lighting by Mike Adams

Mixed by Karl Groom in 5.2 surround at THIN ICE STUDIOS, Virginia Water, Surrey, England.

Produced by John Wetton SOUNDSTYLE Ltd. 2003

Special thanks:
John / Tarquin, Steve, Widge, Karl. Fernandes basses, Yairi / Alvarez Acoustic Guitars, Hartke Amplification, TomastiK / Infeld strings (Vienna, Austria), Shure microphones.

Photos by Andrzej Gluc

Interview done by Darek Switala - Metal Hammer

Edited by Darek Switala

Recorded in Krakow, Kiub Kunozum, on 10 April 2003


John Wetton
lead vox, bass guitar, acoustic guitar

John mitchel
guitar, harmony vox

martin Orford
keyboards, harmony vox

Steve Christey

vision mix
grzegorz kuptec
piotr wolanski

video edited by
artur woJewoda
waldemar szwaJda

sound recording
piotr Drzezinski
alek galas

sound mix
piotr Drzezinski

rosound - Jaroslaw kaszynski

transcolor - lucJan siwczyk

tv lights
Jeremi grzywa

stage design
martin pietuch

WoJclech kursa
roman piotrowski
piotr kotarna
andrzeJ nakowski
adam szkiarek
aleksander trafas
sebastian woJtarowicz
sebastian molski

camera crane
wleslaw grocnot
marek fudali

ludmila puecka-Paluch
Joanna malawska-koPacz

Jerzy startczyk
Jerzy unzeitig
stanislaw Orzel
Jerzy cwiek
stanisiaw proziowicz
krzysztof maJorski
pawel Dedkowski
adam grodowski
robert kaszowski

stage manager
Jaroslaw kaczmarek

tv Producer
tomasz pomaranski

tv manager
edward gryszczyk

natalia mrozek

executive producer
tomasz dziuninski
metal mind productions

agnieszka dobrowolska
Justina szarkowski
agnieszka pacyga

filmed & recorded at
studio krzemioriki, krakow,
april 2003

C P metal mine productions 2003