Beyond The Notes Live


1. Sunrise / Picture Within
2. Sarabande
3. I'll Send You A Postcard
4. Cologne Again
5. Pavane
6. Gigue
7. A Smile When I Shook His Hand / Here Comes The Sun
8. One From The Meadow
9. Usquare Dance
10. November Calls
11. The Telemann Experiment
12. The Sun Will Shine Again
13. De Profundis
14. Bouree

Running Time: 130 min.

The Band
Jon Lord - Piano, Organ
Mario Argandona - Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Urs Fuchs - Bass
Paul Shigihara - Guitars
Matthias Kraus - Keyboards
Bert Smaak - Drums
Susanne Heitmann - Flute, Clarinet
Sabine Van Baaren - Vocals, Percussion
Emilia Amper - Keyed Fiddle

Special guests
Frida - Vocals
Sam Brown - Vocals
Miller Anderson - Vocals

The Trondheim Soloists

Bjorn Nessjo, Orchestra Management

1st Violin
Sveinung Lilletjerka (concert master)
Johannes Rusten
Kjell Are Strom

2nd Violin
Anders Larsen
Kine Handlykken
Odd Sonntag

Torodd Wigum
Melanie Packer
Oysten Torp

Oyvind Gimse (artistic director)
Live Johansson
Thomas Nygard

Double Bass
Rolf Hoff Baltzersen

Produced by GB Music & Mediaconsulting
Producers: Jon Lord, Georg Bergheim
Executive Producer: Andreas Thran

Just 24/7, Vienna,
Director: Sven Offen
Production: Jorg Jungwirth
Vision Mixer: Nadja Zonsarowa

Max Rheintander
Martin Dreesbach
Thomas Henning
Roberto Pisanti
Bernhard Heimes

OB Van by TVN Mobile Production
Florian Legatis

MAT Camera Systems
Arne Volkner
Frank Stutzke

Live Recording by Peter Brandt Remote Recording
Mixed by Peter Brandt (for tsc-group) and Mario Aragandona at Diecks Studios, Stommein / Germany
Stereo and 5.1 Sound-Mastering by Mario Schneider at Imagion Mastering, Trierweler / Germany

Imagion AG, Trier - Germany.
Executive Producer: Andreas Thran
Production Manager: Sonja Weipert

Imagion DVD Crew
Thorsten Breuer, Christine Engel, Rob Negelen ("Beyond the Scenes")
Marco Gouverneur (Artwork)
Thomas Gerten, Uwe Karas, Michael Becker (Compression & Authoring)
Best Boy: Leonard

Artist Management
GB Music & Mediaconsulting
Georg Bergheim - Wolfgang Bergheim

Artist Management Crew
Denise Breuer, Heide Dumont, Annika Bergheim, Ingrid Bergheim, Magdalena Maria Argandona,
Maria Teresa Argandona, Benjamin Argandona, Christobal Argandona, Cez Darke

Artist Promotion
Care Company, Cologne/Germany
Jane Smith

Legal Affairs
Helge Sasse
Dr. Hannes Waldhaussen

Productmanagement at EMI/Capitol
Erik Juliecher

Production Management
adhoc4acp, Jens "Jessy" Wike

Foh Sound Engineer
Rob Hodgkinson

Monitor Sound Engineer
Andres Cabral

System Engineer
Klaus Durschner

Marc Metscher

Lightdesign / Operator
Jogi Productions, Jurgen "Jogi" Cappeli

Sound Company
Pave Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH, Wolfgang "Geisy" Geister

Concert & Eventservice GmbH & Co.KG,
Gerold Mayer

Rock Shop

KCW Crew, Kali Wims

Special thanks to: Christian Stump and everybody at Music & Sales and HK Audio for the support

General Concert Promotion
GB Event GmbH & Co. KG Erftstadt / Germany in cooperation with
Karsten Jahnke Konzertdrektion GmbH Hamburg / Germany

Local Concert Promotion and Arrangement GmbH, Cologne / Germany
Alexander Moths

Local Concert Management GmbH, Cologne / Germany
Klaus Wingensiefen
infocom Team: Constanze Sauter, Jasmin Haasbach,
Marco Ostrowski, Marcus Peitz

Kad Broich Premium Catering, Duesseidorf - Georg Broich

Rono Merchandising GmbH
Nobert Moschkau

Stage Engineering
ESP Event Service Partner - Markus von Werden

Light Engineering
Magic Light & Sound Putz - Holger Vesen

Weisweler & Partner - Sven Weisweler

Steinway Piano
Piano Rumler GmbH - Franz Rumler

VIP Shuffle Arrangement
Lothar Kurylo - supported by VW Phaeton VIP Service

Concert Warm-Up
Christian Gertach

Artist Travel Arrangements
BBA Reisen
Bettina Bartel
Cologna / Germany