Music Videos II & III


1. Que Mon Cceur Lache
2. XXL
3. L`lnstant X
4. California
5. Comme J`ai Mal
6. L`ame-Stram-Gram
7. Je Te Rends Ton Amour
8. Souviens-Tot Du Jour
9. Optimistique-Moi
10. Innamoramento

Running Time: 53:00 + 36:00 (2 extra clips)

With disc we move to a new batch of directors, starting with none other than Luc Besson for "Que Mon Coeur Lache", whose (loose) English translation was used as both the title and theme song for the Japanese horror film, "My Soul Is Slashed". Here Mylene plays an angel sent by a bureaucratic God to discover the true nature of love on Earth. Among the bizarre sights she encounters is a Michael Jackson imitator being crushed by a huge cross; clearly not to be missed.
Then the videos move to her two most recent albums with "XXL", a mind-boggling piece which finds Mylene lashed to the front of a speeding locomotive (for real), and "L'Instant X", which can only be described as a moodier version of Larry Cohen's "The Stuff". Abel Ferrara in his "King Of New York" mode directed "California", in which high society woman Mylene spots her exact double, a hooker, while driving through the mean streets of Los Angeles (with Giancarlo Esposito, to boot).
Filled with saturated colors and erotic visuals, this makes one wonder what she and Ferrara could have accomplished with another collaboration.
The creepy "Comme J'ai Mal" depicts Mylene's bizarre woodland transformation into a winged, clawed insect creature, followed by the arguable high point of the disc, "L'Ame-Stram-Gram". This beautiful homage to Hong Kong cinema was helmed by Ching Siu Tung, who also directed the three Chinese Ghost Story films, Swordsman II, Witch From Nepal, The Heroic Trio , and many others. Shot in Hong Kong with the best technicians around, this is a dazzling crash course in pre-Crouching Tiger Asian fantasy as Mylene plays identical twin sisters with supernatural powers (including super strong monster tongues) separated by an invading Mongol horde, only to be reunited for a battle royale against their enemies.
"Je Te Rends Ton Amour", sort of a supernatural horror/religious piece, climaxes with the memorable image of Mylene crawling naked across a church floor drenched in blood, while the equally dramatic "Souviens-Toi du Jour" posits her in the middle of a burning chateau.
"Optimistique-Moi" takes Mylene to a Felliniesque circus as she does numerous balancing acts to get across the stage to her boyfriend, distracted all the way by knife throwers, tigers, and naked female stagehands.
The dullest video of the bunch (but one of the best songs), "Innamoramento", closes with some pastoral footage intercut with Mylene's most recent concert performance.

The extra clips this time are less interesting, comprised of three excerpts from her "Live At Bercy" concert (also on DVD): "Ainsi Soit Je", "La Poupee Qui Fait Non," and "Rever".
The real treat here is two behind-the-scenes documentaries for "California" (27 mins). and "L'Am-Stram-Gram" (18 mins.), detailing Mylene's working relationship with these two very different directors.
The package is rounded out with "M.F. COnfidential", an 11 minute featurette detailing Mylene's experience in Los Angeles while recording her album "Anamorphosee".