The Way Up - Live


1. Opening
2. Part One
3. Part Two
4. Part Three

Bonus Features:

Interview with Pat METHENY

Running Time: 91 min.

From the beginning, this band has been on a mission. Throughout the group's history, there has been a sense of potential and an abundance of ideas that have been thrilling to explore. THE WAY UP is a long form piece that in descrubes in detail many of the most pressing issues in our musical lives. The original recording (2004) was a milestone for us, but the tour that followed allowed us the opportunity to discover the piece in front of audiences around over the course of a six month tour. This film, shot during the Asian leg of that tour in Seoul, Korea, is an accurate and special documentation of the group at its best, performing THE WAY UP - LIVE.

Pat Metheny

"The Way Up"

composed by

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays

Directed and Edited by
Steve Rodby

Produced by Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny  

Lyle Mays  

  piano, keyboards
Steve Rodby  

  acoustic bass, electric bass
Antonio Sanchez  

  drums, electric bass
Cuong Vu

trumpet, vocals, percussion, guitar

Cregoire Maret

harmonica, guitar, vocals, percussion, electric bass

Nando Lauria

guitars, vocals, misc percussion & instruments

Recorded by

Pete Karam & David Oakes

Mixed by Rob Eaton

PMC Crew  
David Oakes  
  FOH Sound & Production
Chris Culpepper  
Carolyn Chrzan  
  Guitar Tech
Jerry Wortman  
  Tour Manager & Accountant
Jody McAllister  
  Monitor Engineer
Sean Morse  
  Sound Tech
Alicia Morse  
  Keyboard Tech
Steve Horn  
Matt Stein  
  Drum Tech
Matt Chatigny  
  Stage Tech
Benny Kirkham  
  Lighting Design
John Nichols  
  Lighting Operator
Jim Fitzpatrick  
  Lighting Operator
Chaim Chavarria  
  Lighting Tech
James Vollhoffer  
  Lighting Tech

  Frank & Lisa Cribley
  Tai Rivera
  Zoe Smith
Band Bus Drivers  
  John Ertler
  Joerg Schoenherr
Crew Bus Drivers  
  Kres Bentley
  Jogi Soukup
Truck Drivers  
  Robert Atkins
  Colin Tierney

Sound Company  
  Middle House Systems
  Rik Washburn
Lighting Company  
  Premier Global Production
  Steven "Creech" Anderson
Trucking Company  
  Brian Higgins
  Sound Moves
  Wayde Daniel

  Ted Kurland Associates
  David Sholemson
  Ted Kurland

Chief Technical Advisor  
  Azuolas Sinkevicius

Mixed at  
  Right Track /
  Sound On Sound (NYC)
Assistant Engineer  
  Angie Teo

Video Post-Production  
  Optimus (Chicago)
Video Consultant  
  Knox McCormac
Color Correction  
  Ken Wald Joel
  Joel Signer

Korean Audio Team

Rentals Coordination    
& Main Rec. Assistant  

  Hawk Seong
  (Sunny Side Up Inc.)
Recording Assistants  
  Cho No-ll Song
  (Air Audio Inc.)
Recording Gear  
  Scott Chae
  Sockgoo Choi
Console Procurement  
  John Patterson (Yamaha)

Korean Video Team

Director of Photography  
  Kook Jin Kim
Field Director  
  Sung Wook "River" Juhn
Assistant Field Director  
  Kyoung Tae Kim
Technical Director  
  Young Sin Song
  Hyo Joon Kim
  Woo Seung Kim
  Dong Jin Lee
  Seok Won Jung
  Нее Jin Choi
Assistant Cameras  
  Hyo Joon Kim
  Dong Jin Choi
  Heung Soon Kim
  Woo Seung Kim
Crane Camera Operators  
  Dong Jin Lee
  Seok Won Jung
Location Arrangement  
  Нее Jin Choi

Lyle Mays plays Kurzweil & Korg keyboards

Antonio Sanchez plays Yamaha drums,

Zildjian slicks and cymbals Evans drumheads LP percussion

Cuong Vu plays Yamaha trumpets

Cregoire Maret plays Suzuki harmonicas

Nando Lauria plays Ciannini guitars Terratec

Producer La Bella Strings

Thanks to:

Victor Kye - LCA Production

LC Arts Production Team


Jim D'Addario

Les Silver & AMT

Bob Rice - Keyboard Tech Support

Ibanez Guitars

Terry Fryer - Third Wave Productions

Chris Shepard - Chicago Recording Co.

Steve Panning - Chicago HD

Linda Manzer Mark Herbert Rich Breen

Sockgoo Choi

Apple Computer: Glenn Bulycz & Walt Shires

Optimus: Craig Leffel & Knox McCormac

Special Thanks to:

Carla K. Johnson Latifa, Nicolas Djakeem & Jeff Kaiis Metheny

Filmed & Recorded in the LC Arts Center Seoul, Korea

©2006 Metheny Graup Productions. Inc.