FAMILY & Friends


1. Kiss My Soul
2. Down Bound Train
3. Habits Of A Lifetime
4. Midnite Child
5. Blind Willie McTell
6. 18 Wheels & A Crowbar
7. X Town
8. The Weavers Answer
9. My Friend The Sun
10. Holding The Compass
11. Shank (Shadow On The Wall)
12. Toe Nail Draggin
13. Short List
14. Burlesque
15. Jesus & The Devil
16. In My Own Time

    Running Time: 113 min.

The Short List

Steve Simpson
Mandolin, Violin, Acc. 12 String, Electric, Slide Gtrs & Vocals

Ian Gibbons
Keyboards & Vocals

Andy (Stewart) Hamilton
Soprano & Tenor Saxophones

Gary Twigg
Bass, Vocals and Sound Effects

Henry Spinneti
Drums & Percussion

Peter Jones & Simon Bell

Special Thanks to:

Don Mckay at Rhino & Mystic (Great job on the 'Box Set')
Jim Semmence at the Newcastle Opera House & the Cameraman for not getting the 'ump

Brian Wakerley
Mike Berry
Ian Swarbrick

Multi-track Recording
Kelvin Tonner

Interview & Research
Steven A Johnson

Video Post Production

Audio Post Production

DVD Authoring
Ian Shepherd

Edited & Directed by
Brian Wakerley

Executive Producers
Peter Purnell
Gunther Kutsch

Lifetime Awards to:
John Whitney,Rob Townsend,Rick Gretch,Jim King,
John Gilbert,Dave Mason,Poll Palmer,John Weider,
John Whetton,Jenny Fabian,Tony Gourvish,Jim Cregan,
Linda Lewis,Tony Ashton,Jimmy Miller,George Chkiantz,
Bobby Tench,Geoff Whitehorn,Stretch,Steve Simpson,Ian Gibbons,
Gary Twigg,Henry Spinneti,Andy Hamilton, Tim Hinkley,
Helen Hardy, Nick Pentelow,Troy Seals,Tony Moxley,
Tony Murphy,Jerome Rimson,John Lingwood,Anthony Glynns,
Neil Hubbard,Phillip Chen, Ian Wallace,Alvin Lee,Mel Collins,
Boz Burrell,Henry McCullogh,Mark Feitham,Mitch Mitchell,
Patto,Mike Giles,Max Middleton,Godfrey McLean,Micky Moody,
Nikko McBrain,Micky Feat,John Plotel,Brian Johnston,Dave Dowle,
Uwe Tessnow,Brian Gallivan,Zoot Money,Alan Coulter,Mick Weaver,
Laurie Wisefield,Pat Crumley,Dieter Falk,Ken Graydon,Ray Smart,
Neil Sanderson,John Hodson & Me

There are others - but you know what they say "Who the fuck are THEY ?"

The "Roger Chapman Appreciation Society" (aka RSPCA)
c/o: Neil Sanderson
Lower Orchard Street

Roger Chapman shot to fame as lead singer / songwriter with FAMILY in the late 60's / early 70's notching up TOP 10 Hit singles and albums. Now Roger Maxwell Chapman will be 60 years old this year and there is perhaps no better time to reflect on his burgeoning back catalogue.

In co-operation with the Mystic Audio release Angel Air Waves filmed Roger in concert at a sold out Newcastle Opera House during the opening leg of his UK tour in the autumn of 2002. His Band SHORT LIST support Roger as he trawls through his enormously popular catalogue and provides over 2 hours of classic rock sung and played the "Chappo" way.