Lovers Live


1. Cherish The Day
2. Your Love Is King
3. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
4. Cherry Pie
5. Pearls
6. Every Word
7. Smooth Operator
8. Redeye
9. Jezebel
10. Kiss Of Life
11. Slave Song
12. The Sweetest Gift
13. The Sweetest Taboo
14. Lovers Rock
15. Immigrant
16. Paradise
17. King Of Sorrow
18. No Ordinary Love
19. By Your Side
20. Flow
21. Is It A Crime
22. It's Only Love That Gets You Through

Running Time: 113 min.

Sade Adu - Vocals
Stuart Matthewman - Guitar & Saxophone
Andrew Hale - Keyboards
Paul S. Denman - Bass Guitar

Ryan Waters - Guitar
Pete Lewinson - Drums
Karl Vanden Bossche - Percussion
Leroy Osbourne - Guitar, Flute & Vocals
Tony Momrelle - Vocals


Producer - Rob Small
Director - Sophie Muller
Executive Producer - Roger Davies
Director of Photogrqphy - Steven Chivers

Camera Operators:
Steven Chivers
Tim Maurice Jones
Chris Blauvelt
Mitch Dubin
Carrie Fisher
Jacques Jouffret
Frank Sacramento
Jeff Zimmerman
Lucas Bielan

Gaffer - Len Levine
Key Grip - Malcolm Doran
Best Boy - Audie Aragon
Grips - Philippe Mayer, William Stemmons
Technocrane Techs - Christian Hurley, Ashby Kreynus

Film Production Crew:
Production Manager - Rusty Walden
Production Coordinator - Mahlin Dimond
Assistant Coordinator - Hannah Vaal
Assistant Director -
2nd Assistant Director -

Filmed At:
Arrowhead Pond, Anahelm, CA
Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA
September 2001

Concert Sound:
Audio Facilities
Le Mobile Remote Recording Studio

Recording Engineer - Charlie Bouls
Assistant Engineer - Eric Johnston

Le Mobile Stage Crew:
Ted Barela
Ian C. Charbonneau
James Fahlgren

Protools Recording - Ian Duncan

Film Communication & Recording:
Roll Sound - Alex Lamm, Osvaldo Vinini

Intervideo - Geoff Regan, Chris Olsen
Audio Specialities - Rudy Duintana

Images Supplied by:
British Pathe Pic
Getty Images / Image Bank
Index Stock Shots

Digital Animations:

Moorhead Video Art & Parks / Bowman Productions

Camera Supplied by:
Alex Wengert at Otto Nemenz

Super Techno Crane:

Panavision Remote Systems

Filmed on Eastman Kodak Film
Processed by Fotokem

Additional Photography:
Michael Polish & Sophie Muller

Artist Management:
RD Worldwide
Management BV

Roger Davies
Craig Logan
Roxanna Ashton
Fran Peters
Camilla De Cresplgny

Tour Production Crew:

Tour Manager - Stan Tippins
Production Manager - Mike Kelfer
Personal Assistant To SADE - Lynn Jeffrey
Security, Head of Logistic - Patrick Pendergast
Security - Guido Hoffman
Tour Accountant - DC Parmet

Tour Crew:
Crew Chief - Ian Tucker

Lighting Techs:
Greg Dicklson
Tina Furnish
Monitor Sound Engineer - Ed Dracoules

Sound Techs:

Ashley Byrd
Jeffrey Fawsett
Brian Relkovsky Lighting and Stage Designer - Roy Bennett

Lighting Director - Jess Baker

Guitar Tech:
Mike Damish

Keyboard Tech:

John Muldowny

Bass Tech:

Tim Wright

Drums & Percussion Tech:

Lance Miles

Keyboard Engineer & Programming:

Ian Duncan

Video Camera Operators:

John Behrens
Bruce Ramos
Arnold Simons

Video Engineer:

Nathanlel Damron

LED Screens:

Angelo Bartolome


Keith Lockette

Wardrobe - Jennifer Jacobs
Hair Dresser - Ayo Laguda
Chef - Sandy Taylor
Band Make Up - Lisa Patino

Production / Wardrobe Assistant - Marion Bustamonte
Sade's wardrobe - Glola Meller Marcovicz,
Linda Stokes

Bands Suits - Jason Cooke at William Hunt

John Lobel
LSD Inc.


Ml Procise
Clair Brothers Audio


Danny O'Bryen
BCC Video Inc.

Set Construction:

David & Johnatahn Perry
PW Stage Productions Ltd.
Michael Tait
Tait Towers

Audio Mixed by Mike Pela
Assisted by Andrew Nicholls
at Sony Studios London
and Dellverance Studios London