Live Acoustic In Budapest


1. Horizons
2. Gnossienne #1
3. Bouree / Bacchus
4. Firth Of Fifth
5. Bay Of Kings
6. Syrinx
7. Imagining
8. Second Chance
9. Jacuzzi
10. Overnight Sleeper
11. The Barren Land
12. Black Light
13. Kim
14. Time Lapse At Milton Keynes
15. The Chinese Jam
16. Concerto in D
17. Hairless Heart
18. Cinema Paradiso
19. Mustard Seed
20. Gymnopedie #1
21. Jazz On A Summer's Night
22. Little Cloud
23. Cavalcanti
24. Walking Away From Rainbows
25. Andante In C
26. Concert For Munich
27. The Journey
28. Skye Boat Song
29. By Paved Fountain
30. Etude In A min
31. Blood On The Rooftops
32. Hands Of The Priestess
33. C Min Triplets
34. End Of Day
35. Ace Of Wands
36. Idyll
37. Aubade
38. Meditation

Running Time: 113 min.
This is intended as a companion release to "Somewhere In South America", "Hungarian Horizons" shows another side to the Hackett Live experience.
It is Steve's acoustic trio, consisting of himself with his brother, John Hackett, on flute and Roger King on keyboards.
This show was recorded at Budapest's Petofi Hall on 26th January 2002 and was mixed in 5.1 surround format (DVD only) in Steve Hackett’s own MAP studio!
The setlist offers a variety of Steve's favourite acoustic material and even one or two new and unreleased pieces!

ROGER KING - Keyboards

Mixed and mastered by
Benedict Fenner

Concert mix
Billy Budis

Sound Crew
DP Audio
Palfi Jozsef - Front Of House
Kovacs Attila - Monitors
Furge Zsolt - Stage

Zrupko Gabor - guitar technician

Set and Lighting design
Egerhasi Attila
Szabolcsi Tivadar

Var'lite operator
Szabolcsi Tivadar

Lighting crew
Molnar Sandor
Piskoti Zoltan
Nagy Gabor

Recorded by Gramy Recording Studio
Beke Mark

Edited by
Takacs Sandor

Film crew

Egerhazi Attila

Director of photography
Takacs Sandor

Jimmy Jib
Halla Gabor c.c.c.
Varga Laios c.c.c.

Billy Budis

Steve Hackett plays K. Yairi guitars

Egerhazi Attila

A Gramy production in association
with Kudos Management
© 2002 Camino Records