Once Above A Time ...


1. Valley Of The King
2. Mechanical Bride
3. Circus Of Becoming
4. Frozen Statues
5. Slogans
6. Serpentine Song
7. Ace Of Wands
8. Hammer In The Sand
9. Blood On The Rooftops
10. Fly On A Windshield
11. Please Don't Touch
12. Firth Of Fifth
13. If You Can't Find Heaven
14. Darktown
15. Brand New
16. Air-Conditioned Nightmare
17. Every Day
18. Clocks
19. Spectral Mornings
20. Los Endos

Bonus Feature

'Backstage In Budapest' - Informal documentary filmed during the day leading up to showtime

Running Time: 104 min.

This concert was recorded in Budapest in April 2004 on the final show of the European tour in support of Hacketts most recent album "To Watch The Storms". It combines songs from across his career including classic GENESIS tracks like 'Blood On The Rooftops' and 'Firth Of Fifth', early solo material like 'Ace Of Wands' and 'Spectral Mornings' and more recent tracks such as 'Mechanical Bride' and 'Darktown'. The evening ends appropriately with the old Genesis showstopper 'Los Endos'.

Steve Htt
Guitar & Vocals

Roger King

Rob Townsend
Sax, Flute, Percussion & Vocals

Terry Gregory
Bass & Vocals

Gary O'Toole
Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Concert Mix by
Benedict Fenner

Lighting Design
Tigger Matthews

Guitar Technician & Monitor
Richard Buckland

Backline technician
Dave Cobby

Recorded by
Kurina Tamás
for Gramy Recording Studio

Tour Manager
Brian Coles

Billy Budls

Management Assistant
John Wood

Office Co-ordination
Andy Lodge

Concert Production Budapest
Egerhazi Attila for Gramy Event Marketing

Production Assistant
Gueth Rita

Public Relations
Göl Zsuzsanna

Sound crew
Panczel Lajos
Elek Sándor
Feher Rdbert
Borlai Csaba
Zrupko Gabor
Nagy Gergely

Lighting crew
Pinter Krisztlan
Harcsa Péter

Clocks' gobos design
Vincze Abel

Petöfi Csarnok

Belvarosi Autöbusz Bt.

Video production
Gramy Filmstudio

Director of photography
Takács Sándor

Doboveczkl Dénes
Farkas Attila
Felhos György
Halper János
Kristoffy Sándor
Medgyesi Zoltan
Tamasi Márton

Jimmy Jib
Halla Guborc.c.c.c.
Németh József
Varga Lajos c.c.c.

Kotányi Gábor

Video technicians
Baroch Csaba
Fekete Csaba
Klimas Tamás
Szalay Tamás

Kiss Gyula

Edited by
Takács Sándor

Produced and directed by
Egerhazi Attila

The concert is sponsored by
Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal
Slager Radio
Gulyas Nagykereskedelem
Gramy Records

Valley Of The Kings
Sieve Hackelt

Mechanical Bride
Steve Hackell

Circus Of Becoming
Steve Hackett

Frozen Statues
Hackett, King

Steve Hackett

Serpentine Song
Steve Hackett

Ace Of Wands
Steve Hackett

Hammer In The Sand
Steve Hackett

Blood On The Rooftops
Hackett, Collins

Fly On A Windshield
Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett. Rutherford

Please Don't Touch
Steve Hackett

Firth Of Fifth
Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett. Rutherford

If You Can't Find Heaven
Hackett. Gluck. King

Steve Hackett

Brand New
Hackett, King

Air-Conditioned Nightmare
Steve Hackett

Every Day
Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett

Spectral Mornings
Steve Hackett

Los Endos
Banks, Collins, Hackett, Rutherford

2004 Camino Records