Live At The Historic Sheldon Auditorium, St. Louis, MO


1. Littrell Thinking
2. Blue Moon
3. Borsalino
4. Mombasa
5. That's The Spirit
6. I've Always Thought Of You
7. Guitar Boogie
8. Amazing Grace
9. Classical Gas
10. A Guitar Lesson
A Study In Independence Between
Thumb And Fingers 11. Windy And Warm
12. Just An Old Fashioned Love Song
13. BEATLES Medley:
Day Tripper
A Taste Of Honey
Lady Madonna
14. Those Who Wait
15. Mona Liza
16. Initiation
17. Biscie
18. Michelle
19. Dixie McGuire
20. The Hunt
21. Waltzing Matilda
22. Salt Water Used By Permission
23. Imagine
24. Guitar Medley:
Train To Dusseldorf / To "B" Or Not To "B"
Mr. Guitar / Waltzing Matilda
Road To Gundaghi
25. Tom's Drums

Running Time: 112 min.

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2000 By Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
All Rights Reserved (BMI)
except "Day Tripper, "A Taste Of Honey", "Lady Madonna", "Michelle"
John Lennon (BMI), Paul McCartney (BMI), Sony / ATV Songs LLC (BMI)


Keep Case Grammy-nominated fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emmanuel has won legions of fans with his music from the Australian outback. Chet Atkins called him " of the greatest guitarists in the world," and Tommy is quick to acknowledge Chet as his principal inspiration. Modestly referring to himself as "an entertainer who happens to play the guitar," Tommy captivates audiences around the globe with his humor, charisma and musicianship. The near-perfect acoustics of the Sheldon Concert Hall make this a performance to be cherished. Almost two hours in length, this DVD includes all of the material from both VHS volumes entitled "Tommy Emmanuel in Concert! Live At The Historic Sheldon Auditorium".

City Hall Records

"Tommy Emmanuel is one of the greatest musicians in the world, regardless of instrument or genre. DVD really captures him at his best. Get it!"

- Jon of Norway

"If you have a love of the guitar, this is quite simply the most magnificent display of ingenuis fingerstyle guitar playing you are ever likely to see.From a ... more"

- Brian of Dublin, Ireland