Keys To Ascension


1. Siberian Khatru
2. Close To The Edge
3. I've Seen All Good People
4. Time And A Word
5. And You And I
6. The Revealing Science Of God
7. Going For The One
8. Turn Of The Century
9. America
10. Onward
11. Awaken
12. Roundabout
13. Starship Trooper:
(i) Life Seeker
(ii) Dissillusion
(iii) Wurm

Running Time: 150 min.

Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

Produced & Directed by
Steve Mitchell

Executive Producer
Jon Brewer

Assosiate Producers
Eric Perlman
Terry Crosby

Muaic Produced by

Co-Produced And Engineered by
Tom Fletcher

Kevin Dickey
Billy Sherwood

On-Line Editors
Chris Crosby
Steve Mitchell

Sonic Solution Digital
Audio Editing
Kevin Dickey

Artwork by
Roger Dean

Off-Line Editors
Elizabeth Rogers
Eric Perlman
Michael Strassman

Music Mixed by
Tom Fletcher
Kevin Dickey
Bill Smith
Billy Sherwood

Assistant Audio Engineer
Zang Angelfire

Concert Lighting
Delicate Productions
and David Kaniski

Concert Cameras
Michael Strassman
Steve Mitchell
Damon Gold
Kenny Nichols

Production Assistants
Andy Miloslavich
Martine Trefry

Stage Production
Graham Holmes

Drum Technician
Reek Havok

Keyboard Technician
Stuart Sawney

Guitar Technician
Jim Robison

Acoustic & Electrical
Greg Notley

Additional Footage by
Steve Mitchell
Eric Perlman
Elizabeth Rogers
Mike Hatchett
Tom Day
Brian Smith
South Paw Productions
Michael Strassman
Sharing The Joy of Nature

Mona Treat

SGI Animation
Matt Bybee

Special Thanks to:
Bandaloop Dancers
Dave Tinsley
Chris Julian
Lynea Weiss
Terry Cook
John Treat
The Rogers Family
Rick Shmidt
Trina Gold & Ranger

Our Friends in San Luis Obispo

Digital Edit At

E-Media Studios
Lake Tahoe, California


Copyright 1996